Body Wisdom School Faculty

  • Adam Bohach

    Adam Bohach, a professional triathlete himself, not only holds an impressive record of competing in over thirty triathlons in as little as five years, including three-time Ultramarathon and seven-time Ironman finisher, and qualifying for the World Championships, he also trains and coaches other triathletes as well as school kids and young talent. Read Adam's full bio

  • Allison Dovre

    Born and raised in Iowa, Allison grew up with horses and started at an early age to teach kids how to take care of, handle and work with horses; on their own farm and in summer camp. Later she studied Health and Fitness Management at Iowa State, where she also attained her Liberal Arts Degree. Her additional studies of dance and Nia Technique as well as massage therapy lead her to further teaching. Read Allison's full bio

  • Anne Boal

    Anne is best described as a most powerful combination of ‘solid rock’ and ‘nurturing mother’. With her 30 plus years of professional, and a heaping more of personal life experience, Anne brings structure, dens knowledge, wisdom and yet a light heart to all she does. Read Anne's full bio

  • Annie Pelka

    Annie Pelka, originally from Chicagoland, studied the art of movement at the University of North Texas, receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Dance. She moved to Atlanta, GA as a performer and teacher, and found a new home at the Atlanta School of Massage. It was at this time that she began to engage in a deep appreciation for the connection between massage and movement. Studying hands-on bodywork and deciphering common movement patterns proved to be the foundation for her practice. Read Annie's full bio

  • Bettina Hewitt

    Bettina is like one of those precious treasures you discover, if you slow down a bit to smell the roses. Understated, quiet, and without fuss, Bettina is like a deep well; refreshingly natural and authentic. She grew up on a dairy-, cattle and crop farm in Northeast Iowa, where her parents practiced concepts of alternative farming, away from chemicals, etc. Read Bettina's full bio

  • Bridget Ryan

    Bridget has a great appreciation for life and finds inspiration in its subtle details, which contributes to her unique awareness of the human body. She loves humans and the wonder of life as it unfolds, especially when she watches her son grow and discover the world, or as she serves her community, offering specialized services. Read Bridget's full bio

  • Dianna Berry

    Dianna J. Berry, originally from Massachusetts, moved to the Midwest in 1996. She has owned her Wellness Center, called “Mind Your Body”, in McGregor, Iowa, for many years, where she also employs other massage therapists at given times. Treatments available in her center include: Swedish, Medical/Clinical and Orthopedic Massage Techniques, Acupressure, Hot and Cold Stone Therapy, Bamboo Massage, three Reflexology techniques, Reiki, Zone Therapy and Spa and Wellness treatments of all kinds including Herbal Wraps, Face Massage and Exfoliation. She also offers classes and trainings to her community to help educating the public about massage and its many amazing benefits. Read Dianna's full bio

  • Faith Swanson

    Massage Therapist, musician and teacher Faith Swanson graduated from Body Wisdom School with special focus on medical massage, utilizing a wide range of modalities from Orthopedic, Myofascial, Deep Tissue and Lymphatic Massage to Stretching and Aromatherapy. She is also a life coach and has experience in working with professional tri-athletes and runners. Faith currently practices within chiropractic, wellness and spa settings. Read Faith's full bio

  • Hattie Peck

    While born in Iowa, Hattie grew up in a community with a large Hindu population in the town of Fair Field, which is also home to the Ayurvedic Institute. Her exposure to this ancient medical tradition, instilled a great curiosity in the healing arts in Hattie; and Body Wisdom provided just the diverse and cutting edge education she was looking for. The first course, which was Shiatsu (Japanese Massage), was so exciting and convinced Hattie that she was meant to become a Massage Therapist. Read Hattie's full bio

  • Jill Leary

    Wow – wait till you meet this lady! Jill thrives when teaching human sciences; and she does it like no other! Read Jill's full bio

  • Dr. Joe O'Tool

    Listing Joe’s academic studies, degrees, certifications, awards, distinctions, work experience, community services, etc. would take a few long pages alone, which makes it hard to summarize his many talents, interests and abilities, and still painting a whole picture as to who he is. Read Dr. Joe O'Tool's full bio

  • Maranda Heintz

    Spoken like a true teacher, Maranda feels like she can never know enough about all the many exciting massage modalities available today. Since she was a little girl, she knew that she would become a massage therapist. Read Dr. Joe O'Tool's full bio

  • Michelle DeMarie

    Growing up on a farm in Iowa Michelle felt compassion and great enthusiasm for helping others since a very young age. Loosing a grandfather, aunt and brother and watching the struggle of terminal illness as a teenager, she learned to care deeply and to appreciate every moment of gift that life holds. Even alongside motherhood and a demanding career as a financial consultant, Michelle has always found time for those in need, not just her own son as he battled cancer. Read Michelle's full bio

  • Rachel Regenold

    Rachel Regenold brings both, an analytical mind and an intuitive spirit, to the classroom and her practice. A lifelong learner, she believes that committing yourself to teaching others is one of the best ways to learn a subject well. Read Rachel's full bio

  • Rachel Swanson

    At first you wonder whether she is human or angel, when you meet Rachel. While you might come to the conclusion that she’s both, Rachel is very grounded, authentic and genuine. She radiates love, respect and appreciation for everyone and everything around her. Her level of awareness and thoughtful communication is remarkable. Read Rachel's full bio

  • Rhonda Mickelson

    The fastest way to get to know Rhonda is to experience her touch. It instantly reveals her immense care, compassion and appreciation for others. She is loving, giving and kind; still learning not to forget herself along the way. Read Rhonda's full bio

  • Dr. Sam O'Tool

    Sam grew up just outside the small community of Carroll, Iowa. Being a middle child in a family of 9 children, he was a natural competitor and very active in a any type of sport he could find. Through high school he participated in basketball, football, and weight lifting, and continued playing basketball into college. Two major sports injuries, that required complete reconstructive knee surgery, not only magnified his already strong interest in the human body and how it functions, but also instilled a compassion for others and the desire to help their performance. Read Dr. Sam O'Tool's full bio

  • Sadie Hefel

    With the first decade of professional massage experience under her belt, Sadie enjoys a flourishing private practice, “Divine Current”, in a small town, tucked in the bluffs of Guttenburg, in Northeast Iowa. She is also a certified doula and hosts a local “Red Tent” in her community. A mother of two beautiful and vibrant children herself, Sadie has developed a very deep reverence for the female body, and certainly the art of the human body systems. Read Sadie's full bio