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Bettina Hewitt

Bettina is like one of those precious treasures you discover, if you slow down a bit to smell the roses. Understated, quiet, and without fuss, Bettina is like a deep well; refreshingly natural and authentic. She grew up on a dairy-, cattle and crop farm in Northeast Iowa, where her parents practiced concepts of alternative farming, away from chemicals, etc.

In a similar fashion Bettina combines professional success and the quest for what’s natural. With a business degree and seven years of her own landscape company, she further expanded into massage therapy; exploring the amazing self-healing abilities of the human body and incorporating plant knowledge and essential oils.

Bettina loves to recognize detail as well as seeing the broader picture; taking time to tune in, notice subtle details plus comprehending the whole, is very important to her. She knows that a fast pace glosses over life and misses what’s really important and provides us with a sense of wholeness, grounding and contentment as a solid basis for happiness and wellness.

For her it is not a ‘return to nature’, but rather a deeper exploration of it; drilling into nature’s wisdom, such as listening to our body’s physiological cues, recognize our real needs and tuning in to body knowledge of how to satisfy them. For example can the body of a woman in labor direct her moves and pushes to give birth with more ease? And can we learn from the body’s ways? Bettina believes that respect for nature allows us to access more knowledge that leads to greater success without repercussions, and she loves to practice and instill this value in others.

Whether speaking as mother, instructor or massage therapist, Bettina promotes respect and vigilance for life’s wisdom, which reveals itself abundantly, when we pay attention. That can be as simple as sitting outside, listening to the bugs and the birds; or each other for that matter. It can be a slower pace and less multi-tasking, because less truly is more. But it can also be a direct question and quality interaction with another person. She will say: ‘it is better to ask and get true answers than to assume’.

Of course Bettina’s favorite teaching subjects are Body Wisdom’s Business, Marketing & Chair Massage course, as well as Aromatherapy, Maternity & Infant Massage and Positional Release. Her approach literally matches our school’s name!

In her private practice Bettina applies her many skills to people from all walks of life, encouraging them to restore and cooperate with their body’s own wellness approach.

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