Bridget Ryan

Bridget has a great appreciation for life and finds inspiration in its subtle details which contributes to her unique awareness of the human body. She loves humans and the wonder of life as it unfolds: especially when she watches her son grow and discover the world or as she serves her community offering specialized services.

She is a greatly talented teacher and knows how to convey deep understanding and skill to her students. A yoga instructor and graduate from Body Wisdom, she has devoted many years to intensive study including; Infant, Pre-Natal, Orthopedic, Medical, SansHandsTM and Barefoot Deep Tissue Massage as well as Asian modalities.

Bridget had the fortune to study with some of the best teachers in the world, which combined with her extensive private instructor training by Body Wisdom’s co-founder and trainer Rhett Hatfield, provides her with an excellent background not just for her teaching but also for her private practice.

Some of Bridget’s devotion has also gone to co-create and refine new curricula for both the Body Wisdom Institute and Body Wisdom Massage Therapy School. Her current specialties are Barefoot Bars Deep Tissue, Yoga, SansHandsTM Slow Flow, Traditional Thai Massage on the Mat, and Thai Massage on the Table to name a few.

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