Emily Bauler

Emily grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, where she spent her first 30 plus years surrounded by a family with many health care professionals: predominantly nurses and a couple doctors. However, it was her chiropractic doctor who first awakened her interest in massage therapy. Unable to remedy her severe sciatica nerve impingement, he humbly referred Emily to a massage therapist, and she realized that modern medicine had its limitations.

Emily noticed his use of the term heal vs. fix and adopted the wisdom that we cannot fix others, but offer a creative environment to facilitate their own healing.

At age 34, after having homeschooled her daughter and three boys, Emily decided to go to college herself-not for nursing or medicine but rather for massage therapy. And when the director of her school (who had worked previously with orphans in India) offered her a 1-year private practice mentorship opportunity Emily gladly accepted. Not only did she learn everything about running a successful business, but she also became more aware of the need to serve.

Witnessing a 39-year-young man being taken from his wife and children within short 4 months of a cancer diagnosis reinforced that notion and invigorated Emily’s interest in oncology massage research first encountered in college. She was stunned how little care was available, especially for the terminally ill cancer patients.

All the while, she learned from other massage therapists how hard it was for them to get established due to the lack of support from their schools post-graduation, making her even more appreciative of the many mentors she has encountered over the course of her life.

As a girl in school, she was suspected to suffer from learning disabilities but a strength test in college made it clear that she utilizes all three learning channels: kinesthetic, visual, and auditory. Suddenly education was fun!

One thing led to another and Emily’s passion became evident: she sees oncology patients in private practice and teaches sciences. Her knowledge is vast and her personal life experience holds many relevant stories. Her motto is to bring 100% of herself to all she does, and that shows!

Emily is a very open, positive, and happy person believing that life is too short to not enjoy it with laughter and singing. In fact, her voice is classically trained an she plays the cello. And while she purposely chooses the right music for a massage session, she will sing along to anything that her ears can notice. Emily has a secret admiration for tattoos and tattoo artists. She loves to cook and bake, take a good road trip, camp, or savor the outdoors.

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