Body Wisdom School Faculty

Hattie Peck

While born in Iowa, Hattie grew up in a community with a large Hindu population in the town of Fair Field, which is also home to the Ayurvedic Institute. Her exposure to this ancient medical tradition instilled a great curiosity in the healing arts in Hattie; and Body Wisdom provided just the diverse and cutting edge education she was looking for. The first course which was Shiatsu (Japanese Massage) was so exciting it convinced Hattie she was meant to become a Massage Therapist.

Hattie quickly mastered her first career position as an Ayurvedic technician at a Vedic health spa before opening her own private practice in Massage Therapy, where she still offers all the many modalities that she studied at Body Wisdom and beyond.

Thanks to her client’s rave reviews and instant success of her business, Hattie could purchase a 100-year-old bank building in the small town of Batavia, IA and turn it into a lovely modern space for her practice. She creat