Heather Scott

Aromatherapist, Nurse, Massage Therapist, and Business Owner, Heather Scott was born and raised in Knoxville, IA, where she enjoys family, her small farm, and country living.

Heather is truly passionate about wellness and expanding her knowledge of the human body, while helping clients to release tension. Her goal is to educate clients to be proactive in pursuing a healthy lifestyle and living to their fullest potential.

Heather enjoys the scientific aspects of wellness as much as achieving great results in her practice. Her 13-year nursing career paired with her massage therapy experience serve as the pillars of her knowledge.

Her own life motto is to live simple, be happy with the small things, and be considerate, empathetic and respectful with others.

Besides work, she loves everything outside!! Camping, fishing, mushroom hunting, farm stuff, and especially baby animals and honey bees.

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