James K.

Raised in a military household, son of a Japanese father and American mother, James lived from age 3-6 in Japan, but otherwise moved to many different locations, sometimes several times a year, until age 8. His paternal grand parents had immigrated to Hawaii, a US Territory at the time, prior to WWII, where they met and worked the sugar cane fields.

After graduating high school in 1986 James joined the US Marine Corps for 4 years. He served tours in Saudi Arabia and Iraq during Dessert Storm and is decorated with a number of medals.

1992 James returned to Iowa working a number of different jobs, including own carpet installation business, before he discovered his calling for Massage Therapy, as a hands-on profession that also provided deeper meaning to his work. As a professional he studied with and assisted many of the original Body Wisdom School instructors, and developed some of the curriculum he taught with Rhett Hatfield, co-founder of the school.

After many years of teaching Therapeutic Massage level 3, Deep Tissue and Myofascial Therapy at Body Wisdom, James took a one-year sabbatical in 2018 before resuming to teach Myofascial Therapy, which is the signature modality in his private practice since 2005.

At the same time, James has advanced his knowledge and expertise through countless training and continuing education courses, also including pretty much every course ever offered at Body Wisdom.

James has an active mind and loves to focus on mastering the art of life, including research how influential figures of the past used their power to shape History.

Father of three adult children, James proudly calls his former wife of 23 years his best friend. His favorite past time is playing with his grand kids.

Instructor: Myofascial Therapy


  • College Wrestler
  • Decorated Military Career
  • Proprietary Teacher & Mentorship Program
  • Business Owner
  • Massage Therapist since 2005

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