Body Wisdom School Faculty

James Kozuki

A dynamic personality blended with solid grounding, patience, a big heart and an unwavering passion to study, research and teach James is a powerhouse.

He has the ability to zero in on a subject, go as deep and far as possible, and making it his own. He is very observant and learns from his own teachers in ways that go beyond training. James had the opportunity for many years to study with chiropractic doctors who discovered the benefits of massage in conjunction with traditional medicine. James also devoted several years to intensive study and research combined with private instructor training by some extraordinary educators, including Body Wisdom’s co-founder and instructor trainer, Rhett Hatfield.

In addition, James continues to work tirelessly in his private practice, where he focuses on injury rehabilitation and scar tissue remodeling, amongst other Deep Tissue, Medical and Orthopedic modalities. Not to mention his Japanese heritage reserves a passion for Shiatsu and the Asian discipline for healing.

James loves to ignite a life long passion for massage in each and every one of his students. His ability to capture their attention and excitement makes the Deep Tissue Massage course he offers a great experience.

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