Body Wisdom School Faculty

Kara Andreski

Born and raised in Southern California, Kara started her massage career straight out of high school, prior to serving as a U.S. Army Medic/EMT at the front lines of Desert Storm. Suffering and recovering from PTSD fueled her interest in trauma healing and grew her compassion for others, including veterans, for whom she volunteers bodywork sessions and art therapy classes.

Kara spent several years of her childhood living in exotic places, like Hawaii, Australia and the Virgin Islands, which raised her interest in foreign places and cultural philosophies, feeding her quest for life’s deeper truths and higher values. Reading a book called ‘The Prophet’ triggered a very balancing paradigm shift in her at the young age of 25.

A mother of three grown children, Kara holds an AA degree in Arts, is a certified Yoga Instructor and Personal Trainer, and has longstanding work experience in massage, from private practice to working at a world renowned Spa and many other eclectic business settings. After moving to Omaha in 2000 Kara took another 1,000-hour massage certification. She never stops to expand and refine her expertise, including the pursuit of Health Sciences and Art Therapy degrees.

Needless to say that Kara loves to paint. She appreciates ancient middle- and far eastern wisdom and philosophies that broadened her own horizons; and she passionately promotes the benefits of touch and art in overcoming trauma in her work with clients and students. Kara is a very open, yet understated woman who brings nurture, compassion, joy and creativity to all that she does.

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