Leisa G.

Originally from Iowa, Leisa G spent her first adult decade in California and many extended stays in foreign places like: Thailand, India, Nepal, Israel, Egypt, and European countries, including a short year in London. She enjoyed tracking the Himalayas, and exploring other cultures but also had to fight challenges such as surviving dengue fever in a Thai hospital.

Leisa long practiced bodywork studies and massaging friends before attaining her 1000-hour massage certification and returning to Iowa in the mid 90’s. Over the course of her 2+ decades of experience and continuing education Leisa has become an expert in CST (Craniosacral Therapy) and Acupressure techniques.

Not just because of her father, a Vietnam veteran plagued by posttraumatic stress but also personal emotional challenges and injury, Leisa developed an interest for trauma release and healing. Already by 1987, after 4 years in the Navy as fighter jet aircraft mechanic, she learned about the impact of trauma on the human body and psyche. And seven years as sole caretaker for her ailing mother added yet another perspective to her understanding.

Leisa has applied her specific skills to her own healing process as well as her work with countless clients struggling from traumatic experiences. She works with individuals in private practice, in-home visits, or corporate settings, but also serves women’s organizations, and of course veterans; often times on a volunteer basis.

After her mother’s passing in 2018, Leisa has reestablished her personal and professional life. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge with students and contributing to human wellness on a deeper level.

Leisa raises pet chickens and brings a splash of refreshing ‘California / whole-world spirit’ to our Des Moines community.

Instructor: Craniosacral Therapy


  • Military Career
  • Upledger Craniosacral & Visceral Manipulation Series
  • Trauma Release Studies
  • Presenter & Stand-Up Comedian
  • Business Owner
  • Massage Therapist since 1996

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