Maranda Heintz

Spoken like a true teacher, Maranda feels like she can never know enough about all the many exciting massage modalities available today. Since she was a little girl, she knew that she would become a massage therapist.

Growing up on a Cutting Horse Ranch in Holden, Missouri, she learned the value of hard work as well as family bonds, which have remained the two pillars in her life with two boys, a military veteran and self-employed husband, plus her own private practice.

Maranda played Varsity Volleyball while studying for her Bachelor’s Degree in Recreation at Graceland University. Her long list of favorite physical activities, includes horseback riding, disc golfing, swimming and the trampoline.

Alongside her own massage practice, Maranda also works for other wellness endeavors, which not only broadens her business experience, but also allows her to apply body work techniques with a wide range of clients; another study in-and-of itself. Her passion for this profession grows with every person she can assist in feeling better and being well.

With her love for people, a truly nurturing touch and personality, and great enthusiasm for massage, Maranda also enjoys to providing chair massage at public events and in corporate settings, which is also part of what she teaches at Body Wisdom.

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