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Patricia Crozier

Pat Crozier, a native from Zimbabwe, Africa, came together with her husband and their four children to the US after the political changes in their country threatened their safety. Married to a brilliant physician, having one son in the medical field, while being a highly trained nurse and midwife herself, Pat knows a lot about health and the human body – from conception to birth to aging. She had the pleasure of serving both, white and tribal families in Africa and helped deliver over 1000 babies, many of which where born in primitive tribal home settings, often under challenging conditions (no bed, running water, electricity, dried mud floors, etc.)

While new life is precious to Pat, she doesn’t shy away from treating and caring for the terminally ill or dying. Pat just can’t help but adopt every one. She has an amazing heart, wit and sense of humor, as well as deep wisdom and knowledge. Our students can’t say enough great things about her.

Besides a medical and teaching background Pat has done additional extensive research, study, training and practice specifically in the fields of Aromatherapy and Lymphatic Drainage. Her experience ranges from personal practice to working in clinical settings at hospitals.

She currently resides in Arizona, where she not only teaches a number of massage therapy modalities, but also human science courses. While she used to instruct our Infant, Pre-Natal, Lymphatic Drainage and Clinical Aromatherapy Program here at Body Wisdom, she currently trains others to teach and serves the school in an advisory function.

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