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Rachel Regenold

Rachel Regenold brings both, an analytical mind and an intuitive spirit, to the classroom and her practice. A lifelong learner, she believes that committing yourself to teaching others is one of the best ways to learn a subject well.

After high school, Rachel enlisted in the Air Force to earn money for college, which also allowed her to live overseas for 3 of her 4 years in the military. Once she was honorably discharged, Rachel began college immediately and graduated with a B.A. in American Studies from the University of Texas at San Antonio. Her plan to attend law school was temporarily derailed by a cancer diagnosis. For the first time, she had to admit that her body was more than just a vehicle for her brain. Still, after a year’s deferment to heal, Rachel attended and graduated from law school at Boston University School of Law, and returned to Iowa to practice law.

In 2011 Rachel began to practice yoga and fell in love with it, attending classes three or four times a week, as a way to ease the stress of her busy career as a public defender. In 2015, she completed a 200-hour certification to become a yoga teacher, studied massage therapy, and realized it was time to leave the practice of law after 12 years.

Massage therapy allows Rachel to blend her love of problem solving, healing, and connecting mind, body, and spirit. At her own practice, Iowa Seeker Wellness, LLC, Rachel offers a customized fusion of yoga and massage, incorporating aromatherapy, lymphatic drainage, therapeutic, clinical and Thai massage.

Having lived, observed, and assisted others in conquering life’s burdensome challenges, Rachel understands and brings insight into the deeper meaning of “Ease Your Load” and “Embracing Life”, when teaching our specialty courses of shoulder-, arm, wrist- and hand-massage. She knows about the correlation between emotions and physical tension, one of her specific interests and on-going research subjects.

Rachel also teaches Body Wisdom’s Massage, Business & Marketing Program, inspiring and inviting students to work with integrity and pride in their new career field. Her classes ground students in the reality of the practice of massage and give them permission to dream.

Rachel never misses a moment to share a smile or engaging laugh. She is bright and compassionate, and loves to help others in finding their place in the sun, humans and animals alike for that matter.

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