Rachel Swanson

At first you wonder whether she is human or angel, when you meet Rachel. While you might come to the conclusion that she’s both, Rachel is very grounded, authentic and genuine. She radiates love, respect and appreciation for everyone and everything around her. Her level of awareness and thoughtful communication is remarkable.

A unique blend of creativity and joy reflects in all of Rachel’s actions and expressions. A role model for healthy body mechanics and movement herself, she enjoys helping others in finding their equilibrium of health and well-being., also extending to lifestyle and nutrition. Rachel is a Healing Food Specialist, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and, of course, successful Massage Therapist. She excels working one-on-one as much as in team-teaching or leading her own classes.

Rachel walks the talk of balancing nourishment, physicality, leisure and rest in her own life. Her wholesome approach to work and personal life enhance her contributions not just to clients and students, but also her co-workers, community, friends and family.

Some of Rachel’s routines include street hockey, swing dancing, walks, movement and exercise. She loves to read, travel, experience newness as well as anything outdoors. Rachel also plays the violin and enjoys performing concerts with sisters and friends. She treasures time with her family or to just play with her dog on the family farm.

Deep thought, a thirst for knowledge and the quest for greater truths are in line with her values of wholeness, love, integrity and trust.

An excellent practitioner massage to Rachel is fun, creative, and a source of constant growth and development. She sees it as a powerful tool to make a difference in the lives of others. She is the lead instructor for our Therapeutic Massage Series and also teaches and co-teaches a number of Career Electives.

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