Rhonda M.

The fastest way to get to know Rhonda is to experience her touch. It instantly reveals her immense care, compassion and appreciation for others. She is loving, giving and kind; still learning not to forget herself along the way.

Battling chronic pain all her life, she learned to acknowledge the body as her greatest teacher; and she now utilizes it to manage and cope and help others to tune into their own channels of wisdom.

One of Rhonda’s favorite words is ‘teacher’. She honors and treasures the many great instructors and masters she had the pleasure to study with. To her they range from the internationally recognized expert to someone or something least noticed, such as a child or a specific experience.

Rhonda credits them all and considers it a privilege to carry forth their legacy through her own synthesis of skills as massage therapist as well as a teacher herself. She also holds a BA in Arts Education with a background in K12 teaching, and has extensive experience in working for others as well as establishing and running businesses of her own.

Her unique blend of bodywork stems from training and studies in contemporary western, orthopedic/medical, Asian and Hawaiian/southern pacific modalities. The latter of which seem to be particularly well aligned with her core self. Fittingly she teaches Hot Stone LomiLomi and Premier Spa – Indonesia at Body Wisdom School.

Studying multiple levels of traditional Hawaiian modalities with native teachers deepened Rhonda’s love for the physical body of our earth and those of human and all other species. It highlights the connection between everything, which Rhonda draws from to create a sacred space for her clients and students, promoting the trust and nurture needed for relaxation, healing and creative expression.

Even Rhonda’s hobbies and past times reflect on her essence. She sings and plays music professionally. She loves to write and is published author of the children’s book “Unstoppable, Unbreakable Hearts”, with more books to come. She enjoys gardening, flowers and bicycling, not to mention spending time with her children and grandchildren.

Instructor: Acupressure, Hot Stone LomiLomi, Premier Spa – Indonesia, Hot Stone Reflexology


  • BA Education – Art
  • K-12 Art Education
  • Music Education
  • Specialty Training in Advanced
  • Hawaiian Healing Traditions
  • Massage Employment
  • Business Owner
  • Massage Therapist since 2010

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