Body Wisdom School Staff

  • Almut (Ali) Hatfield

    Owner & Director

    Almut Hatfield

    Born and raised in Germany, Ali Hatfield left a corporate career to specialize in private coaching, body centered therapies, and art. Her pursuit for the best training lead her to the US prior to settling in Iowa at age 33. Owner of Body Wisdom Inc. with its Body Wisdom Institute and the Body Wisdom Massage Therapy School, Ali oversees and is actively involved with all operations.

    Her vision focuses on continuous growth and refinement of Body Wisdom’s programs to serve professionals and also consumers with the resources in establishing true health, wellness, and wholeness.

    She is passionate about providing a safe, nurturing space that promotes the re-discovery of one’s inner spark, allowing it to ignite into full flame as it was originally intended. Ali firmly believes that many such brightly shining lights illuminate a truth of universal oneness: the ultimate well-being there is.

    Witnessing anything or anyone thriving is Ali’s greatest joy; it’s one reason why she treasures nature and wildlife, majestic sights and places, vibrant beauty and esthetics, and music and the arts. She loves to paint, write, hike, play in the yard, and soak in the solitude just as much as seeing or making friends.

    While taking pleasure in life’s ever-unfolding journey into the unknown, Ali also likes actual travels - near or far – to national parks, other states, foreign countries, different cities, and other cultures.

  • Rhett Hatfield

    Curriculum Consultant & Instructor Trainer

    Rhett Hatfield

    Rhett Hatfield serves as trainer for new instructors, developer of new modalities, and author Body Wisdom Massage Therapy School’s proprietary manuals. His lifelong studies, devotion and immense experience in massage, bodywork, and eastern and western body-centered techniques are the backbone of the school’s amazing curriculum; in terms of both content and volume. His contribution to our state-of-the-art program is absolutely unsurpassed.

    For a decade Rhett spent many months out of every year traveling extensively in Asia and South East Asia to pursue his passion for researching and documenting indigenous bodywork therapies. Based on his research he created Asian spa rituals, which are at the forefront of today’s hottest spa trends and authentic Asian bodywork curricula, used by wellness centers abroad and the Body Wisdom School.

  • Gintare Kelley

    Student Counselor & Office Manager

    Gintare Kelley

    Gintare (G) Kelley left her native country of Lithuania to play college basketball in the US, where she earned a degree in sports management.

    Married with two young boys she enjoys balancing family life and a meaningful career. G loves to assist people in getting in touch with their passion. Her desire is to see them succeed personally and professionally with equal balance and fulfillment.

    In her role as student counselor and office manager at Body Wisdom School G not only utilizes her athletic experience and knowledge of the human body and the professional expertise she brings to the table, but also her excitement about other people’s happiness.

    G is on the prospective student’s side from the moment they contact the school, throughout their studies, and alongside their career, always looking out for their very best interest. She knows that Body Wisdom has been uniquely structured to serve our students in a very complete fashion, providing an environment that truly focuses on each individual’s talents, career plans and long term successes.people, and she likes to cater to their specific needs.

  • Susan Rust

    Clinic & Front Desk Manager

    Susan Rust

    Susan Rust lives in Iowa to be closer to her family of origin, but her true home is Tennessee, or better yet, her favorite Island of Aruba. While we consider ourselves lucky to have her here, we admit the southern climate resembles her heart and soul much more.

    Susan is one of those wonderful people, who love to serve for no other reason than to doing so. With no selfish bone in her body she does everything in her power to create an atmosphere for others to relax and be able to focus on themselves. She lives to smooth out bumps in the road before they occur, and feels rewarded when all operations flow smoothly. While Susan seems to have a magic wand for problems to disappear, she actually works diligently behind the scenes.

    Susan knows how to utilize rules and regulations, implement practical procedures, have foresight and understanding, and balance it all with every person’s interest; whether it’s clients, students, staff or the overall service and contributions that Body Wisdom strives to provide.

    Except for 13 years in corporate, Susan has spent her entire career in the medical field. She understands and respects people, and she likes to cater to their specific needs.

    Unlike herself, Susan’s great sense of humor loves attention. It can make your day, especially when it’s delivered with a giggle. So when she claims, her only hobby is counting down the calendar to vacation on “the Island,” we know she really means, that she loves her job and all of us.

  • Rachael Shipley

    Clinic Instructor & Administrative Assistant

    Rachael Shipley

    Rachael is an eternal student and lover of life! With over 12 years of experience in the massage field, she enjoys teaching her clients, students, friends, and newcomers how to understand their bodies and listen to the wisdom within.

    She grew up surrounded by creativity with music and singing. As a singer, songwriter, and performer, she feels at home connecting with large and small groups of people, feeling the wonderful common thread we all share. This joy she brings into the healing art of massage and teaching.

    Rachael graduated from Massage Therapy at Hamilton College in Omaha NE on the Dean’s List with Honors; and her passion of learning and exploring fuels her pursuit of advanced bodywork training, also abroad, such as private training with a traditional Thai Massage ‘master’ in Thailand.

    Her diverse professional history includes working alongside former instructors at an upscale spa & health club in Omaha, and running her successful private practice since 2012. She knows the ins and outs of running a business from home, for corporations, or in public settings, including the licensing procedures of various states.

    Prior to teaching at Body Wisdom, Rachael lead group and couples classes in Thai yoga stretching and gave talks on Massage Therapy as a guest speaker at public events.

    Rachael feels blessed by massage as her career and is grateful to share her experience and knowledge with students and fellow professionals.

    When not teaching or singing, you’ll probably find Rachael outside walking, meditating, or just enjoying the treasures Mother Nature has to offer. Rachael loves to joke and laugh and be a cheerleader for self-expression/inner truth/spirit.

  • Bobbiejo Richmann

    Financial Advisor

    Bobbiejo Richmann

    With degrees in Accounting & Financial Services, and Accounting & Business Leadership, Bobbiejo understands the gravity of numbers in student financing. Her two decades of extensive customer service, care, and experience further aid in her role to advise and assist students with their financial needs and decisions.

    Trustworthy, solid and with great diligence, Bobbiejo takes each student’s unique circumstances into consideration, as she lays out creative options and solutions for them. She has a special talent to take the stress out of money matters, and show how easily proper arrangements lead to sound affairs and peace of mind.

    Bobbiejo’s compassion, listening skills and the willingness to work with anyone’s challenges, is well balanced with her work ethics and the ability to promote maturity and growth, as our students advance in becoming successful professionals.

    As young empty nesters, Bobbiejo and her husband have successfully raised their three children to be up-standing citizens, all with successful career paths. They still enjoy spending quality time with their kids, but meanwhile have left the Iowa countryside to focus more on their careers in the city. Luckily their happy little rat terrier, Suzy, likes to take them on long walks for much treasured outdoors time. Bobbiejo also loves to sit down with a good Dean Koontz novel, or to go fishing with her husband at lake Kabetogama in Northern Minnesota.