Career Tracks

Most massage schools around the country and in the Midwest have a “one-size-fits-all” approach to massage education, which amounts to a very basic curriculum that every student follows to completion. Their idea is that after you graduate you can get additional specialized training if you so desire.

Why Wait?

At Body Wisdom we believe that students should be allowed to custom design their massage education right away to get both, a solid foundation and specialized education NOW, with their initial training, to support their vision for their ideal practice.

That’s why we designed our Body Wisdom Career Track Program with flexibility, choice and expandability in mind. With the Career Track, in addition to your comprehensive Core Curriculum of 500 hours, you are able to choose from over 1000 hours of Electives.

The Five General Body Wisdom Career Tracks

  • Spa and Resort Track
  • Orthopedic Sports Massage and Medical Massage
  • Asian Bodywork
  • Specialty Massage
  • Reflexology

Track #1: Spa and Resort

Whether you are interested in working at a local Day Spa or want to take to the high seas and be employed on a cruise ship, The Body Wisdom Spa and Resort Track will give you the specialized training you need to get involved in this ever-expanding industry. The Spa and Resort setting is based on a high level of client service and satisfaction and encompasses an extremely wide array of spa services and treatments. Settings include resort spas, destination spas, fitness and beauty spas, luxury spas, weight loss spas, medical wellness spas, mineral and hot springs spas and day spas, to name a few.

The foundation level of training for Spa and Resort is our Therapeutic Massage Series Levels 1-3 (150 Hours), taken by all students, as part of their Core Requirements.

Spa & Resort Career Track Electives:

Track #2: Medical and/or Orthopedic Sports Massage

Medical and/or Orthopedic Sports Massage is the up and coming specialty market in the field of massage and bodywork today. Our wide selection of Medical Massage Classes ranges from Advanced Stretching Protocols over Deep Tissue modalities to Hydrotherapy and Sports Massage, providing graduates with very specific expertise in this field.

Orthopedic massage, whether it is used for athletes or the general public, utilizes different massage techniques and modalities to address a wide variety of injury conditions. Assessment and evaluation skills are central to this approach to determine if massage is appropriate, and specifically which techniques and modalities would best address the soft tissue injury or condition. Body Wisdom is very fortunate to have Brian Glotzbach from Atlanta teaching our Clinical Sports Massage Programs. Brian is working with many of pro football’s top athletes and teams and is the recognized leader in the world of Orthopedic Sports Massage today.

Recommended Career Track Electives:

Track #3: Asian Bodywork

Asian Bodywork techniques are based on principles developed over the course of several thousand years of history. Totally different from the principles of western medicine, Asian Bodywork approaches emphasize the balance of the whole body from the perspective of how energy is balanced in the “meridians”.

An Asian Bodywork specialty is a perfect complement to Therapeutic Massage for two reasons; 1) practitioners are able to offer a completely different stand-alone treatment to their clients to help build and expand their practice; and 2) there are many individual techniques within Shiatsu, Thai Massage and Acupressure that they can integrate right into their standard massage treatments.

Note: Each level of training is a course unto itself, so students are able to take any Asian Bodywork specialty without having to complete all levels.

Asian Career Track Electives:

Track #4: Specialty Massage Techniques

One of the best ways to stand out in the field of massage is to have one or more specialties in addition to your core Therapeutic Massage. Many students choose a specialty because they have a particular interest in an area such as Prenatal Massage, working with pregnant moms or Geriatric Massage, working with the elder population. Students also choose this track because they want to offer a wide range of specialties for variety in their practice and to attract a wider and more diverse client base. Whatever the reason, the Specialty Massage Track offers hundreds of hours of quality education in a variety of diverse specialties.

You may also consider adding one or several of these electives to any of the other Career Tracks. A free private consultation will assure your best choice.

Specialty Career Track Electives:

Track #5: Reflexology

Reflexology is the bodywork modality in which defined points on the hands and feet are stimulated below the skin to improve the functioning of the whole body or specific body areas away from the site of the stimulation. The foot is most commonly worked on and stimulated. It has been mapped to show the areas of contact that affect different parts of the body. With proper training and technique, fingertip pressure on reflex points can relieve pain, stress, and muscular tension and encourage healing.

In addition to being a great stand-alone modality with a strong client following, Reflexology can be beneficially incorporated into your regular Therapeutic Massage approach.

We are proud to offer you three unique approaches to Reflexology. Please consult us if you consider a Certification in Reflexology alone.

Reflexology Career Track Electives: