Certificate of Excellence Programs for Massage Professionals

Body Wisdom Massage Therapy School is a premier provider for state of the art training in body-centered therapies, spanning from vetted traditional to scientific modern approaches to massage and bodywork, plus a full range of western and eastern massage modalities.

Within more than 15 years of providing the best possible massage education Body Wisdom has changed the face of Massage Therapy in the region and beyond. Our graduates practice all over the US and even abroad. Together we have helped shape the perception of massage, establishing it as a recognized and invaluable health care service. Body Wisdom never tires in advancing the quality and broadening the variety of its educational programs and techniques; and our in-depth studies, research, collaborations and constant development continue. As a result we frequently add classes and modalities to our training menu.

Besides our top-notch Massage Certification Program we also offer Certificate of Excellence Programs. There are two levels of excellence programs for each of our general five career tracks, plus our unsurpassed massage mastery track. These programs are designed to cater to graduates and massage professionals, each certifying practitioners for advanced training, expertise and performance.

All levels are composed of a variety of modalities taught in-class, plus a clinical internship within the Body Wisdom student excellence clinic.

While all programs qualify for legally required licensure renewal, they go far beyond common standards. More so these programs were created to greatly elevate the quality of the therapist’s services; enhance customized treatment options for their clientele, and assure greater health care results. At the same time Excellence Programs aid practitioners in raising their professional success with appeal to a larger client base or more specified client needs. It increases work and job opportunities as well as higher income levels.

To succeed in today’s market, massage therapists need to exceed basic educational levels, which merely prepare them to take the first steps to break into the field. Specialty training, advanced skills and a choice of offered modalities are required to distinguish themselves, regardless of professional setting, location and clientele.

Each of the Body Wisdom Excellence Programs caters to a specific branch of settings within the industry, some of which are listed below. Due to the overlapping domains in this health care arena therapists might also consider combining two or more tracks for their long-term career training.

Track #1: Spa & Wellness Therapies

The modern Spa, Resort and Wellness industry has evolved over the years and now promotes massage beyond pampering and feel-good experiences. Thus ‘wellness’ has become a known concept even in the medical world; particularly in terms of its therapeutic assets in preventative health care and overall health management.

Most common settings are day spas, salons, wellness centers, resorts, cruise ships as well as specialty clinics and of course private massage practices.

With at least 250 in-class and 40 clinical hours per level, this complete program certifies participants for 580 or more hours.

Track #2: Medical & Sports Therapy

Some of the most sought after therapists these days are practitioners who can effectively work with medical and injury conditions, ranging from chronic and postural symptoms to acute pre- and post surgical and orthopedic issues.

Due to the broad spectrum of clients this program benefits a variety of therapist positions: Offices of chiropractors, osteopathic doctors or surgeons, also pain clinics, hospitals, and rehab centers, as well as fitness/personal training centers, yoga-, dance- and martial arts studios; any setting around sports coaching, active sports and sports teams or services for individual athletes and of course the private massage practice.

Each level of excellence contains of a minimum of 225 in-class and 35 clinical, a total of 260 hours. Both levels add to at least 520 hours.

Track #3: Eastern Therapies

With today’s technology the world has become a smaller place and body-centered therapies from other continents have influenced the demand of clients. While Shiatsu and Acupressure have been more readily known in the past, Thai Massage, unique foot treatments, contrast therapies and the incorporation of tools are now frequently requested.

Body Wisdom is particularly proud to offer a great selection of eastern courses, each of them teaching authentic traditional styles, way above and beyond what’s offered to the tourist massage therapy student abroad. In-depth research and private training with local experts has resulted in a highly superior curriculum.

With 175 in-class and 25 clinic hours or more per each level, the Eastern Therapies Program certifies excellence for at least 400 hours. This allows therapists to promote themselves within private practice and any other massage setting, as eastern therapies are part of the medical traditions in their respective countries of origin. Please refer to positions listed under all other Excellence Programs.

Track #4: Care & Recovery

Depending on the therapist’s interest to cater to niche populations, this Excellence Program focuses on the entire human life span from pre- and post birth, infant and toddler age over maternity all the way to elderly care, including hospice. At the same time it incorporates care and recovery techniques for patients suffering from Cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, disabilities and handicaps.

Amongst the typical work settings, besides private practice and in-home care, are birthing clinics, hospitals, retirement centers, nursing homes, private clinics, and hospice.

With the minimum 200 in-class and 30 clinic hours per level this Excellence Program is comprised of 460 or more hours.

Track #5: Reflexology

Depending on the practitioner’s background or professional purpose, we offer a certification to either massage therapists or other medical professionals as well as to specified reflexologists. Participants would take either or the other composition of in-class and clinical hours, offered.

This Excellence track will therefore certify for a stand-alone private reflexology practice or as advanced training for nurses, massage therapists or any other health care personnel, whether self employed or in service for the spa- and wellness industry, medical settings, retirement or nursing homes, hospice, etc.

Track #6: Massage Mastery

This program was developed for those who want or need to excel at their craft beyond all other standards. There are a number of reasons for excelling at the Mastery Program Levels, for example:

  • Some massage therapists have multiple talents and simply like to offer tomorrow’s standards today.
  • Others practice in rural areas, where the referral to other therapists is not an option.
  • There also are expanded private practices with several therapists and this program prepares the owner or manager for the task.
  • The Mastery levels are ideal for managing or operating a day spa, wellness-, resort- or corporate benefit program, etc.
  • Therapists may want to launch into teaching of public classes, such as self-care programs, couples massage, or community classes.
  • Some professionals will use it to prepare themselves for an assistant- or teacher training within the massage industry.

Each level offers a minimum of 400 in-class and 100 clinic hours, certifying excellence for at least 1,000 hours.

Pre-Requisites, Application & Costs

For details on each program you may request our specific application forms, a calendar and program/course descriptions. Our Student Counselor, G. Kelley, 515-727-4890 * G.Kelley@bodywisdomschool.com, will gladly assist you.