Career Track electives are NOT merely “lectures about” or “introductions of a few hours” to a new modality, but rather complete stand-alone-courses in themselves. These comprehensive courses offer a very advanced level of specialized education, taught by experienced international instructors, many of whom fly in from all over the US to teach our Class Intensives.

A minimum of 250 Hours of Career Track Electives are included with our Standard 750-Hour Certification. However, Students may consider an Advanced Certification Program by selecting additional Electives.

Given the extensive offer of Electives at Body Wisdom, most students specialize in a custom Career Track, which reserves other Electives for Continuing Education at a later time in their career. In fact many professionals who graduated from other schools, pursue their advanced education by taking individual Career Track Electives at Body Wisdom.

Over 1000 Hours of Career Track Electives to Choose From

At Body Wisdom it’s all about choice! You can choose electives from one or more Career Tracks to create your custom massage certification program.