Competitive Edge - Event Sports Massage (25 hours)

Event Sports Massage and Cutting-Edge Therapies for Working with High-Level Sports Performers

Networking to Build Your Sports Massage Practice:

One of the best ways to build your Sports Massage practice is by meeting athletes where they practice and compete.  Marathons, triathlons, 5K fun runs, charity walks, cycling events and the constant stream of other active events give you the opportunity to meet and make a critical difference in an athletes life. In addition to the many athletic events that happen during the year there are opportunities to work along side high school, college, semi pro and pro teams in basketball, track, football, soccer and baseball teams before and after practice sessions. These are the premier networking opportunities for Sports Massage Therapists to build an ever expanding and sustainable business in this field.

Aiming Toward the Top:

Most competitive athletes aspire to be at their best, whether they are looking to add another mile to their race walking, complete a marathon or triathlon or compete at the highest level.  By gearing Body Wisdom’s Competitive Edge Sports Massage course to working with High-Level Sports Performers, we effectively cover the gambit from amateur to elite athlete.  Even though their application may vary, all the same principles apply.  If you know how to work with high-level athletes you will know how to adapt and support athletes at every level.

Mindset is Key:

Successful teachers and coaches know that natural ability will only take you so far.  Mindset will take you the rest of the way!  Insights into the positive skill sets of modern Sports Psychology can guide our interactions with athletes at the critical pre event, post event and training period stages. The skills learned apply just as successfully to your own business and life as they do to the athletes you come in contact with.

Proprietary Treatment Protocols for Pre Event, Inter Event and Post Event Sports Massage will give you the Edge when working with athletes and in building a successful business.

Prerequisites: Therapeutic Massage Level 1 & 2, Anatomy, Kinesiology