Hands-Free Clinical Massage (50 hours)

Body Wisdom’s Hands-Free Clinical Massage Course is the result of two years of intensive research in the lab and in the field.  A comprehensive system of clinical assessment and ‘results now’ treatment protocols to address the needs of:

  • The general massage population with chronic pain, repetitive strain injuries, myofascial pain syndrome and debilitating stress
  • The 75% of Massage Clients demanding deep pressure
  • Amateur and Pro Athletes
  • Office and Factory Workers
  • Runners, Cyclists and Triathletes
  • Gymnasts, Dancers and Acrobats
  • Football, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball and Racquet Sports players
  • The active Yoga, Pilates, Workout, and Cross Fit population

One of the axioms of mechanics is to “use the largest tool available to do the job.” In the case of massage the largest tool available is the foot with its many different surfaces and angles, all ideally suited to applying deep pressure.

With Hands-Free Clinical Massage, performed on a comfortable mat at floor level, nature’s most advanced deep tissue massage tools, the feet, do all the work for you, while you comfortably stand or sit.

You will learn to use one- and two-footed massage techniques to administer deep compression massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, and Active Deep TissueTM techniques without effort or strain to your body. Your hands are saved for performing low impact palpation, fine neck work, clinical assessments and facilitated Intelligent StretchingTM techniques.  A plush exercise mat, a cane for balance and a couple of small, specialized props are all the equipment needed in your massage studio or on the go.

Hands-Free Clinical Massage In Your Studio:

Many massage therapists today are finding great value in the option to work both on a massage table OR a mat at floor level, as the situation requires.  Especially when working with larger clients or athletes, working at floor level makes gravity your ally and opens up a whole new range of bodywork and stretching possibilities.

The fact that this bodywork is performed fully clothed in gym shorts and top or loose fitting clothing allows the treatment to flow easily between clinical testing and treatment protocols.  A ‘results now’, test-treat-retest approach allows you to isolate the cause of the problem fast and keep your treatment efficient, effective and on track.

Hands-Free Clinical Massage On The Go:

‘Free’ is the best word to describe how you’ll feel when it comes to taking your practice on the road or to an event. You simply roll up your lightweight mat and gather a few other small items and you’re good to GO.  Body Wisdom’s “Massage-Anywhere GO Bag” is a complete go-anywhere massage system for use off the field, in the gym, for onsite corporate massage, sports event massage, Pilates or Yoga studios, in home visits, or to take on a plane as a carry on.  Light weight and packed in a handy tote, thrown over your shoulder, take-down and set-up is under a minute.  Nothing could be easier!

What You Will Learn in This Comprehensive 50 Hour Course:

  • On-the-fly, test-treat-retest assessments to keep your sessions efficient and on track
  • Effective, ‘results now’ treatment protocols to address a wide range of complaints you will see every day in your practice.
  • One- and two-footed deep compression massage moves, that give your clients all the pressure that could ever want.
  • How and when to employ your knees, forearms and elbows as needed
  • Active Deep Tissue™ Techniques for fast, effective pain relief
  • Deep Compression Rocking Techniques that activate the ‘relaxation response’ while working deeply into the tissue.
  • Trigger Point Therapy the easy way
  • Intelligent Stretching™ Techniques to reset muscles to their n
  • ormal resting length
  • Self care strategies to keep yourself pain free and to share with your clients

Work smart not hard!

Think “Outside The Table” and a whole new world of possibilities will open up for you, your clients and your career.

Prerequisites: Therapeutic Massage Level 1 & 2, Anatomy, Kinesiology