Rebalancing Massage (25 hours)

Rebalancing is a gentle, yet highly effective approach to somatic therapy and rehabilitation. Rebalancing employs the proven massage modalities of rhythmic compressions, jostling, vibration, rocking and taking joints through their full range of motion to relax tight muscles and coax body structures to let go without undue force. It is a flexible modality that can immediately be incorporated to complement your Swedish massage sequence or literally any other massage modality to increase its effectiveness at relaxing tissue and increasing range of motion. At the same time the gentle, non-force Rebalancing approach saves your hands and wrists from over use injuries and makes your job as a therapist easier and more enjoyable.

In this course you will learn a complete Rebalancing sequence that can be delivered to your clientele as a popular stand-alone modality or incorporated into any other massage and bodywork modality.

Prerequisites: None