Body Wisdom School Faculty

  • Adam Bohach

    Adam Bohach, a professional triathlete himself, not only holds an impressive record of competing in over thirty triathlons in as little as five years, including three-time Ultramarathon and seven-time Ironman finisher, and qualifying for the World Championships, he also trains and coaches other triathletes as well as school kids and young talent. Read Adam's full bio

  • Anne Wallace

    Anne Wallace, RN, BSN, LMT brings her nursing expertise, passion and a sense of humor to her teaching at Body Wisdom. Read Anne's full bio

  • Brian Glotzbach

    Brian Glotzbach is a massage therapist with the mindset of an engineer, who has a detailed understanding of the mechanism of sports injury and its evaluation and treatment protocols. As a result Brian has developed a unique system for decreasing injury and improving performance in sports. Brian takes great pride in the fact that the pro athletes he works with on a regular basis don’t deal with the usual non contact injuries that plague many of their teammates. Read Brian's full bio

  • Bridget Ryan

    Bridget has a great appreciation for life and finds inspiration in its subtle details, which contributes to her unique awareness of the human body. She loves humans and the wonder of life as it unfolds, especially when she watches her little son grow and discover the world or as she serves her community, offering specialized services. Read Bridget's full bio

  • Cassie Sampson

    Cassie Sampson has a BA in Recreation Therapy from the University of Northern Iowa. After spending six years in aquatic and recreation therapy, she decided to become a licensed massage therapist. She graduated from Body Wisdom in 2001 and worked in chiropractic and luxury spa settings before opening her own business. Cassie now owns and manages East Village Spa, a successful and well known venue in the heart of Des Moines, Iowa. Read Cassie's full bio

  • Diane Baker

    Diane has been on a journey of personal growth for many years. It was inevitable that bodywork would become part of that process through studies with Spectrum Seminars, The Body Wisdom Institute and The Body Wisdom Massage Therapy School. Throughout the 90’s Diane studied bodywork and massage and has since created a successful private practice in addition to her work at two retirement centers in the Des Moines area and her volunteer work at Hospice of Central Iowa. Read Diane's full bio

  • Dianna J. Berry

    Dianna J. Berry, originally from Massachusetts, moved to the Midwest in 1996. She has owned her Wellness Center, called “Mind Your Body”, in McGregor, Iowa, for many years, where she also employs other massage therapists at given times. Treatments available in her center include: Swedish, Medical/Clinical and Orthopedic Massage Techniques, Acupressure, Hot and Cold Stone Therapy, Bamboo Massage, three Reflexology techniques, Reiki, Zone Therapy and Spa treatments of all kinds including Herbal Wraps, Face Massage and Exfoliation. She also offers education to her community to help educating the public about massage and its many amazing benefits. Read Dianna's full bio

  • Ellen Roseland

    Ellen has been a Acupressure trainer since 1984, when she brought this body mind healing modality to the Salt Lake City, Utah, area. She has taught Acupressure for over 20 years including four years at the Utah College of Massage, the Awakening Spirit Massage College and Myotherapy Institute of Massage. She teaches at Body Wisdom since 1999, which has been an especially powerful and enjoyable experience due to the unique modular system at this school. Read Ellen's full bio

  • Hattie Peck

    While born in Iowa, Hattie grew up in a community with a large Hindu population in the town of Fair Field, which is also home to the Ayurvedic Institute. Her exposure to this ancient medical tradition, instilled a great curiosity in the healing arts in Hattie; and Body Wisdom provided just the diverse and cutting edge education she was later looking for. The first class, which was Shiatsu (Japanese Massage), was so exciting and convinced Hattie that she was meant to become a Massage Therapist. Read Hattie's full bio

  • James Kozuki

    A dynamic personality blended with solid grounding, patience, a big heart and an unwavering passion to study, research and teach James is a powerhouse. Read James's full bio

  • Jill Leary

    Wow – wait till you meet this lady! Jill thrives when teaching human sciences; and she does it like no other! Jill began her career in health care in 1992 as a registered dietitian. Her interest in massage therapy grew out of a sports massage she received, prior to a swim event. In 2000 she received her diploma from The Soma Institute National School of Clinical Massage Therapy in Chicago. Read Jill's full bio

  • John Cornish

    John Cornish left a successful career in the corporate world to pursue his passion of helping others in achieving optimum well-being, happiness and fulfillment. Read John's full bio

  • Pat Crozier

    Pat Crozier, a native from Zimbabwe, Africa, came together with her husband and their four children to the US after the political changes in their country threatened their safety. Married to a brilliant physician, having one son in the medical field, while being a highly trained nurse and midwife herself, Pat knows a lot about health and the human body – from conception to birth to aging. She had the pleasure of serving both, white and tribal families in Africa and helped deliver over 1000 babies, many of which where born in primitive tribal home settings, often under challenging conditions (no bed, running water, electricity, dried mud floors, etc.) Read Pat's full bio

  • Shinzo Fujimaki

    Shinzo was born in Japan and has practiced the art of oriental healing, Shiatsu, since he was a child. In addition to extensive Shiatsu training with some of the world’s foremost teachers, Shinzo has attained a black belt in the Japanese martial art of Aikido and numerous awards for Japanese calligraphy. He brings the spirit of the Japanese arts to his teaching style and his classes are famous for their emphasis on individualized highquality instruction in an atmosphere of openness and trust. Read Shinzo's full bio