Body Wisdom School Faculty

Anne Wallace

Anne Wallace, RN, BSN, LMT brings her nursing expertise, passion and a sense of humor to her teaching at Body Wisdom.

Her background as a special-needs pediatric nurse has led her to in-home massage for special-needs children and water therapy. After experiences with family members in Hospice, Anne took additional training in Oncology Massage and currently integrates Cancer Massage Therapy into her private business and her work at the YMCA Healthy Living Center. She offers a variety of Eastern and Western Medical Massage modalities, including Lymphatic Drainage Massage to her large clientele.

The realization that massage can also bring about pain management, relaxation and relief from anxiety and stress, allows Anne to utilize palliative care (a support for the whole person) into her nursing and massage. Besides Anne’s professional expertise, she displays great common sense and wisdom from her own life experience as well as the many lives of other’s she has touched. Not only is she devoted to her own family, but also all of her clients and students.

Anne currently teaches our Lymphatic Drainage Massage course. She loves to teach; and her nurturing, caring way makes her classes very enjoyable and beneficial for each student personally, while learning in depth about one of the most valuable treatments in this field.

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