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Brian Glotzbach

Brian Glotzbach is a massage therapist with the mindset of an engineer, who has a detailed understanding of the mechanism of sports injury and its evaluation and treatment protocols. As a result Brian has developed a unique system for decreasing injury and improving performance in sports. Brian takes great pride in the fact that the pro athletes he works with on a regular basis don’t deal with the usual non contact injuries that plague many of their teammates.

Brian has been working with professional athletes since 1994 and a majority of his client base are now professional athletes in all four major sports; NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL. Most of his time in the fall and winter though, are spent working with NFL players. During the football season Brian travels weekly to work for players all over the NFL. Some highlights of these travels include working with various players in each of the following Super Bowls: 2005(Jacksonville w/Eagles); 2006(Detroit w/Steelers); 2011 (Dallas w/Steelers); and also the 2009 World Series (Phillies).

After 18 seasons (…and counting) on staff with professional sports teams in 3 of the 4 major U.S. sports Brian continues to expand his work. He has been on the massage therapy staff of the Atlanta Falcons since 1997, including another Super Bowl in 1999. Brian has been a staff massage therapist in the Atlanta Hawks training room since 2002. He was the staff massage therapist in the Atlanta Braves training room for three seasons, 1999-2001, including the playoffs in 2000 and 2001 and World Series in 1999.

In addition he was selected by the medical staff of ACOG as one of the supervisors of massage therapy services for the US Track and Field Trials in 1996 and a supervisor of massage therapy in the Sports Medicine Clinic, the rehabilitation clinic within Olympic Village, for the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. Further he served as supervisor of massage therapy on the sports medicine staff for the Paralympics Games in Atlanta in 1996.

A few of Brian’s teaching and educational accolades include lecturing internationally, as the only presenter from the United States at a massage symposium in Barcelona Spain in December 1996 to 1200 massage therapists from all over Europe. He was invited as a guest presenter at the national sports massage conference in New Zealand in 1998. Brian taught orthopedic assessment to massage therapists throughout the U.S. with OMERI. In 1997/98 he taught a 100-hour massage training course to the Sports Medicine Staff (a group of high profile athletic trainers and physical therapists) at the University of Georgia. He functioned as the senior instructor in the Clinical Massage Program at the Atlanta School of Massage in Atlanta, Georgia, and has been an instructor at the Body Wisdom Massage Therapy School in Urbandale, Iowa since 2004. Brian received his initial massage training at the Atlanta School of Massage, and holds a Masters degree in Sports Medicine “Athletic Training “ at Georgia State University. He also has a BS degree in Architectural Engineering from Kansas State University; and worked as a consulting engineer for ten years prior to his involvement with massage therapy.

Brian co-founded Body Mechanics Sports Massage Therapy in 1994 in Atlanta (Providing the Massage Therapy Staffs for the Falcons and Hawks) where he specializes in evaluation and treatment of specific injuries, and improving athletic performance.

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