Body Wisdom School Faculty

Cassie Sampson

Cassie Sampson has a BA in Recreation Therapy from the University of Northern Iowa. After spending six years in aquatic and recreation therapy, she decided to become a licensed massage therapist. She graduated from Body Wisdom in 2001 and worked in chiropractic and luxury spa settings before opening her own business. Cassie now owns and manages East Village Spa, a successful and well known venue in the heart of Des Moines, Iowa.

Cassie’s relationship with her regular clients and wonderful staff is the reason she looks forward to coming to work every day. She still enjoys customizing massages for her own clients, and is well-versed in many modalities, including myofascial release, lymphatic drainage massage, barefoot bars deep tissue, and hot and cold stone therapy.

Cassie has perused further education in public health. In her free time she enjoys attending community and networking events and cooking vegetarian cuisine!

She loves helping future massage therapists to learn the ins and outs of both, being employed and owning businesses. For her teaching she uses creative methods, from acting out real-life scenarios to bringing in panelists in order to reach out to people with a variety of learning styles.

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