Body Wisdom School Faculty

Dianna Berry

Dianna J. Berry, originally from Massachusetts, moved to the Midwest in 1996. She has owned her Wellness Center, called “Mind Your Body”, in McGregor, Iowa, for many years., where she also employs other massage therapists at given times. Treatments available in her center include: Swedish, Medical/Clinical and Orthopedic Massage Techniques, Acupressure, Hot and Cold Stone Therapy, Bamboo Massage, three Reflexology techniques, Reiki, Zone Therapy and Spa treatments of all kinds including Herbal Wraps, Face Massage and Exfoliation. She also offers education to her community to help educating the public about massage and its many amazing benefits.

Dianna’s creative abilities, entrepreneurship and experience as manager, business owner, therapist and instructor, together with her care for people, make a fantastic background for her teachings at Body Wisdom, where she heads on our Therapeutic Massage Levels 1 & 2 classes; she co-teaches the Massage, Business and Marketing program as well as a number of our Spa and Reflexology Electives. She is a natural at teaching and considers it her greatest passion.

Dianna has successfully pioneered a program for corporations in an effort to reduce workmen’s compensation cases and “recordable incidents” with an eye to decreasing their w/c rates and maintaining or improving their ISO ratings, while improving employee moral. In addition, she put together and implemented massage and chair massage programs for some of the biggest corporations in America. Dianna has an unsurpassed passion for helping launch the careers of budding massage students and graduates of Body Wisdom and is involved in constantly upgrading and improving the Body Wisdom Massage Marketing System.

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