Body Wisdom School Faculty

Jill Leary

Wow – wait till you meet this lady! Jill thrives when teaching human sciences; and she does it like no other!

Jill began her career in health care in 1992 as a registered dietitian. Her interest in massage therapy grew out of a sports massage she received, prior to a swim event. In 2000 she received her diploma from The Soma Institute National School of Clinical Massage Therapy in Chicago.

In addition to teaching Jill has her private practice, where she specializes in Clinical Massage Therapy, working with chronic pathological disorders and various musculoskeletal conditions, as well as pain management and rehabilitation. She further works for a hospice organization, where she can put all of her expertise to great use.

Jill is constantly amazed at the effects that massage can have on people’s lives, including her own. She loves to incorporate the benefits of massage therapy together with the physiology and anatomy of the human body into lecture material that is not boring at all!

Today, Jill brings over 10 years of teaching and personal experience from her massage practice to the work at Body Wisdom. She brings the most challenging subjects to life and turns her classroom into an exciting ‘show’. It’s her great pleasure to watch students developing an interest in courses that once intimidated them…

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