Body Wisdom School Faculty

John Cornish

John Cornish left a successful career in the corporate world to pursue his passion of helping others in achieving optimum well-being, happiness and fulfillment. Over the course of almost two decades John has studied, practiced and experimented with many methods and approaches to aid in human health and wellness.

Besides massage therapy John is certified as Yoga Therapist and Instructor, Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Kettlebell Instructor, TRX Trainer and Reiki Master. He owns a beautiful studio in down town Des Moines, where he enjoys practicing all of his skills in a one-on-one setting with individual clients, as well as in workshops, the latter of which he also conducts in other locations all over the country.

John believes in customizing wellness solutions that are easily executed, sustainable and affordable for the individual to become part of their lifestyle. Within his holistic approach he is passionate about the many techniques that true clinical massage offers these days.

At Body Wisdom he specializes in teaching our hands-free ‘Clinical Massage Anywhere’ program, which is designed to give therapists the ultimate tools to achieve long-term results in the most effortless way. Modern principles of medical massage are combined with an intelligent bodywork approach to exceed the results from traditional approaches. The course concept and John’s approach dove tail perfectly and his vast background and long-standing experience add to the depth of his teaching here.

John’s personal life serves as laboratory for evermore-creative ideas to indulge in the fullness of life. He enjoys being a father, spouse and friend. In his spare time he will write, play with abstract photography or compose music that touches the soul.

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