Frequently Asked Questions

Body Wisdom FAQ's

Are all state approved massage programs the same?

Only in that they must meet the minimum number of hours and basic standards. After that there is a very wide variation in what their programs offer. Some schools which actually specialize in cosmetology or esthetics training have added massage education as an additional income source. Be aware ' not all massage education was created equal! At Body Wisdom we are experts in the field of massage and bodywork education with a multi-track massage program and outstanding local and national faculty. We don't offer the 'appetizer version' or introductions of a few hours to different massage modalities taught by the same instructors that teach everything else, but rather in-depth, stand-alone courses of study lasting 25, 50, or 100 Hours taught by experts in the field.

Do you teach nutrition, diet or other types of holistic health in your program?

From our perspective, nutrition, diet, general holistic health and the like although helpful can easily be learned from books or even the internet. You should know that what will ultimately make the most difference in your day-to-day massage practice will be any hands-on techniques that you have learned during your massage education. You can't learn massage later from a book. The less time spent on related subjects, the more time can be spent teaching you proven massage techniques that will relax your clients, reduce their pain and discomfort and build referrals from your satisfied customers. Our classes are over 80% hands-on practical. Even our Anatomy Bones and Muscles class is 80% hands-on.

Do you teach acupuncture, cosmetology or esthetics?

No, we don't try to be everything to everybody. With the most extensive massage program in the United States, we are solely dedicated to teaching professional quality massage and bodywork.

Are you required to sell products in the student clinics? I've heard that this is a requirement in some massage programs!

No. There are some colleges of cosmetology and manufactures of products that have jumped into the massage business who have you focus on selling products at the end of your clinic massages. It's true that if you end up working in a beauty salon or spa that you may be required to sell products as part of your employment obligations. However if that's the case that particular spa will gladly teach you their approach. For the vast majority of Body Wisdom graduates training to sell products would be a waste of their time.

Tell me about your textbooks and manuals.

For our Core Program alone we use six different textbooks and three Body Wisdom, photo-illustrated, step-by-step, technique manuals. All textbooks are the best available in the field of massage and the sciences. The text books and Body Wisdom manuals for our Career Track electives are tops in their specialty area. Note: When a massage program says that they include all textbooks in their tuition fee find out what 'all' means specifically. When you make a school visit to Body Wisdom, ask your Body Wisdom Career Counselor to show you our extensive manuals and texts.

Do I need to wear a uniform?

We find that students are most comfortable when they wear what they prefer. Later during your employment you may be required to wear a uniform, but we think you don't need practice for that. At Body Wisdom dress is casual and some reasonable restrictions apply but there are 'no uniforms.'

Can I choose electives from more than one Career Track?

Yes, Body Wisdom is all about choice! Most students choose electives from one main Career Track and then one or more electives from other tracks that interest them. This allows you to respond to the needs of more than one segment of the population and gives you wider appeal in your own private practice or to prospective employers.

What is the difference between the Core Program and Career Tracks Electives?

The Core Program is 500 Hours of study that contains all the sciences, the Therapeutic Massage Series and your clinical practice. The Career Track electives are the areas of study that you want to specialize in like Clinical Sports Massage for example. You get to choose 250 Hours of electives as part of your basic massage certification program or you may build a custom massage program with up to 1000 additional hours, it's your choice.

I want to take everything, it all looks so interesting!

Prospective students often say this initially because Body Wisdom has the largest curriculum available in the United States and it all looks so good. The truth is that once each course is fully understood, every student is naturally attracted to some courses more then others. It's the job of the Body Wisdom career counselor to explain each course in depth and help you build your dream practice by choosing the very best from the Five Different career Tracks and over 1000 Hours of electives. Lots of choices are a good problem to have!

I don't know much about massage and all these choices are overwhelming.

I don't know what my Career Track should be! No problem. You're in the same boat as half of our students. We'll make it easy for you by telling you all about the opportunities of the massage business in the real world. Then we'll ask you key questions and explain all your options so you can make informed choices about your potential career in massage.

Can I change the focus of my program along the way?

Yes. The great thing about the Body Wisdom modular approach is that you can add or drop courses along the way (some reasonable restrictions apply). It is very common for Body Wisdom students to fine-tune their program as they gain greater experience by taking various courses and meeting other students who are on different Career Tracks along the way.

Can I add electives?

Yes. In fact the more electives you add the less expensive each class hour becomes.

Can I mix evening/weekend classes and day classes?

Yes, we encourage you to create a schedule from the full range of evening/weekend and day classes to compliment your day-to-day living. You can download the current Body Wisdom schedule of courses in the Enrollment Section of this catalog.

How soon can I start?

You can begin your program almost any month of the year. As long as there is not a prerequisite for a particular course on your schedule you can start with that course. Examples would be Anatomy, Physiology, Business and Marketing, Therapeutic Massage Level 1, or any of the Asian modalities. Your Body Wisdom career counselor will help you make the right choices just for you.

How fast can I finish?

As they often say, 'that depends.' It depends on the length of your program (750-1500 Hours) and if you will be taking mostly evening/weekend courses or day. All the core curriculum classes are repeated several times a year. The short answer is that the average length of time for a 750 Hour program is about 8-9 months. We'll help you make a choice that suits your needs.

I can only come to school during certain months. Is this possible?

Yes, we have many school teachers for example that get all their classes fulfilled over two summers and other students who just want a slower pace. Our modular program accommodates the needs of all students. Fast track or extended learning, it's your choice!

Is there any obligation if I sit down with a Body Wisdom career counselor?

Some people ask us so we include this question here. Of course there is no obligation in any way. You are looking for the best school and we are looking for the best students. We are delighted to meet you and see if the Body Wisdom opportunity is a good fit.

Should I work for myself or seek employment?

It depends on your personality and previous background. Some graduates start their own private practice right out of school and are instantly successful. Others work for a spa, hospital or other institution and turn to private practice later in their career. Still others love working with and for other people and that's their perfect path. The Body Wisdom 58 Hour Business, Marketing and Chair Massage course that is part of our Core Curriculum will help you make those choices and at the same time map out your dream practice and get together your resume, business plan and collateral promotional materials.

Why is your Business and Marketing Class 58 Hours?

'How much does a massage therapist really know about marketing that really works' is the not talked about "missing link" in massage therapy education and practice today. Whether you work for someone else or have your own private practice, the secret to creating a thriving practice in the massage therapy business is to know how to sell your self. Our 58-Hour Business, Marketing and Chair Massage class gives you the tools you need to both survive and thrive in today's market place.

Do you offer financing?

Yes, we have a variety of financing options to suit the needs of all students