Body Wisdom School Staff

  • Almut Hatfield

    Administrator Director/Co-owner

    Almut Hatfield

    Almut Hatfield (Ali) was born and raised in Germany, where she left a successful corporate career to open her private coaching practice, paint and pursue in-depth studies of healing modalities.

    Ali manages the administrative and financial aspects of the Body Wisdom Institute and Body Wisdom Massage Therapy School to secure the longevity of our institution, our on-going efforts and research to stay on the cutting edge of massage education as well as the expansion of programs and services for our students.

    Besides taking care of the specific needs of all teaching and administrative staff, she cares deeply about each and every student. Ali’s ability of overcoming great challenges at a young age together with her passion for life and happiness translate to heartfelt understanding and compassion for others. She feels honored when she can assist others in turning life’s obstacles into fortunate opportunities.

    She easily recognizes the essence of people and is very passionate for each student to uncover their ideal career path and get the best education and support possible. She loves to ignite the spark of life that empowers you to reach for your dreams and succeed.

    Ali loves life and enjoys nature. As artist she not only practices personal coaching but also paints vibrant abstracts, designs nurturing living spaces and landscapes. Ali embraces without judgment and is humbled when students or clients share details about themselves with her.

    Ali and her husband Rhett share their home with their beloved rescue pets and the many visitors they have coming through, from family members to friends and instructors from out of town.

  • Rhett Hatfield

    Director of Education, Co-owner

    Rhett Hatfield

    Rhett Hatfield serves as Director of Education for the Body Wisdom Massage School in addition to being the director of the Somatic Therapies program at the Body Wisdom Institute. Rhett brings a 30-plus-year background in massage, bodywork and eastern and western body-centered techniques to his work as practitioner, instructor and workshop leader. As Director of Education he works relentlessly to continually upgrade Body Wisdom’s programs to maintain its position at the leading edge of massage and bodywork education.

    Rhett has spent several months out of every year for the past few years traveling extensively in Asia and South East Asia to pursue his passion for researching and documenting indigenous bodywork therapies. Based on his research he loves to create Asian spa rituals, which are at the forefront of today’s hottest spa trends and authentic Asian bodywork curriculums for his spa consulting clients and the Body Wisdom School. He is an internationally recognized Spa Consultant and Trainer who has worked with such 5 star hotels such as Ritz Carlton, Hyatt Regency, Radisson and Shangri-La Nepal. Rhett served on the Asia Pacific Spa and Wellness Council Task Force on Indigenous Therapies and advisor on traditional therapies to Spa Asia Magazine.

    His unmatched knowledge of foreign modalities hasn’t kept Rhett from lifelong studies and research of Western and European bodywork techniques. His knowledge is beyond impressive and there is little he doesn’t know in this field. Body Wisdom has him to thank for its worldclass curriculum and programs.

    Originally from Miami Florida, Rhett loves water. He feels most at home when he is sailing the ocean or canoe camping in the Boundary Waters with his wife Ali. He clearly loves to travel and spend time in remote places of the world, learning healing techniques from village elders. Rhett has four beautiful children (all girls) and five lovely grandchildren who are the light of his life.

  • Gintare Kelley

    Student Counselor and Office Manager

    Gintare Kelley

    Gintare (G) Kelley left her native country of Lithuania to play college basketball in the US, where she earned a degree in sports management.

    Married with two young boys she enjoys balancing family life and a meaningful career. G loves to assist people in getting in touch with their passion. Her desire is to see them succeed personally and professionally with equal balance and fulfillment.

    In her role as student counselor and office manager at Body Wisdom School G not only utilizes her athletic experience and knowledge of the human body and the professional expertise she brings to the table, but also her excitement about other people’s happiness.

    G is on the prospective student’s side from the moment they contact the school, throughout their studies and alongside their career, always looking out for their very best interest. She knows that Body Wisdom has been uniquely structured to serve our students in a very complete fashion, providing an environment that truly focuses on each individual’s talents, career plans and long term successes.