Philosophy & Mission

Wellness is derived from multiple sources, such as life style, health, recreation, exercise, diet, relationships, career, environment and community. Each element is an essential resource to be in touch with.

Touch is the very core element of massage therapy. Quite literally the intent is that the client gets in touch; first with themselves, all their physical and mental-emotional aspects, then with external links. Touch facilitates the process of touching base with the body’s self-healing abilities and answers the call for inner balance and a healthy pursuit of purpose and satisfaction.

Advanced and clinically developed touch in the professional setting provides the ideal opportunity to release tension and blockages, which disrupt vital nourishment. Wellness occurs naturally. Struggle is replaced with ease. The individual organically lives up to their potential and experiences joy and happiness.

As a ripple effect a truly well person affects their environment, from family to friends, colleagues and community. General influx in human wellness influences “market supply and demand” for all facets of life, not only health care systems. In short massage therapy uses educated ethical touch to restore the individual human ecosystem, which spills over into functional ecology in communities, and ultimately the entire world.

The Body Wisdom Massage Therapy School holds a vision of ‘universal wellness’. It is our mission to educate and train caring, enthusiastic, highly skilled massage therapy professionals, who join the quest of making the wellness difference in the world.

Goals & Objectives

Body Wisdom Massage Therapy School invites anyone to consider the massage profession as a fulfilling career option, part- or full-time. We train our students to be the best answer to the ever-growing demand for qualified therapists. We value our students as our greatest asset. We want our graduates and CE-professionals to benefit personally, professionally and financially, as they raise industry standards while thriving in their career.

The Body Wisdom Difference

  • Custom tailored programs
  • Solid foundation training
  • Specialty custom career track options
  • Large variety of elective choices
  • Continuing and advanced education
  • Top-notch quality of education
  • Expert instructors
  • Hands-on & immersion learning
  • Positive learning environment
  • Pick your own timing, pace and course hour schedule
  • Finance options
  • Individualized attention
  • Opportunity for personal growth
  • Pro-style student clinic
  • Exam and licensure preparation
  • Exceptional business & marketing training
  • Legal matters & ethics
  • Job placement and business support
  • We take pride in YOUR success