Prospective Students

Our program is NOT a “One Size Fits All Approach” where all students go through the same curriculum. We have designed The Body Wisdom Career Track with flexibility, choice and expandability in mind. With 264 Hours of Career Track Electives, in addition to your comprehensive Core Curriculum of 504 Hours, you are able to choose from over 1000 Hours of Courses to make up the balance of your customized program 768-Hour Certification Program.

Match Your Class Schedule To Fit Your Life Style

Choose classes at your own pace and timing to best suit your personal needs.

Multiple Start Times Throughout The Year

Because of our unique Modular Approach to Massage Therapy Education, you can start your program virtually any month of the year and then go-at-your-own-pace.

Top Notch Faculty

Our highly qualified instructors not only bring professional experience to their respective subjects, but also specialize in the modalities they teach.

Super Learning Environments

In addition to modern technology and teaching aids, our predominantly hands-on approach is merged with an immersion style method, catering to the particular pursuit of a hands-on profession. We appeal to all types of learners, utilizing visual, auditory and kinesthetic tools in combination. Additional emphasis is place on appropriate student-teacher ratios based on courses and content.

Truly Effective Business & Marketing Training for Massage Therapists

The SECRET to creating a “thriving practice” in the massage therapy business is to use a marketing SYSTEM that goes WAY beyond the traditional approach. That’s why we have spent many years researching and developing “The Body Wisdom Massage Marketing System”. In our 56-Hour Massage Business and Marketing Training Series you won’t be learning “about” business; you will be digging in and designing your successful career NOW, so that you will be ready-to-go when you graduate.

Externship and Community Outreach Programs

Not just serving our community, these programs give our students a real world experience and may launch their career. Example externship and outreach programs include opportunities with local sports teams, corporations, radio stations, schools, churches, fundraisers and any public events. Most commonly students get to network with leaders or owners of sports teams and clubs, doctor and chiropractor offices, health clubs, yoga studios, spas, retirement communities, hospitals and care facilities, hospice and many more.

Creating Your Dream Practice

At Body Wisdom you have a unique opportunity to build the career of your dreams with a customized curriculum, specifically tailored to meet your requirements.

When you enroll in a Body Wisdom Massage Program you are taking part in a total educational process unlike any other:

Our Unique Modular Approach

At Body Wisdom you take one course/subject matter at a time. Courses are anywhere from 8 to 96 hours in length. Our unique intensive style allows you to concentrate on one area at a time, increasing your retention and the depth of your learning.

Choosing Your Start Time and Training Schedule

Body Wisdom offers one of the most flexible and success-oriented learning environments in the country. Not only can you custom design a training schedule to suit your individual needs, but we also have created a curriculum that you can wrap around your life rather than you wrapping yourself around a “set-in-stone” regimen as in most schools. You can start your program virtually any month of the year (depending on prerequisites) and then go at your own pace, Fast Track or Extended Learning.

For example, a public school teacher or college student comes only during the summer months and takes a couple of years to complete their program, while others want to get it done as fast as possible and graduate in 8-10 months. Most schools have very few start times per year and pre-set timing for everyone. At Body Wisdom you have a choice.

Transfer of Credits

Please contact a Student Counselor regarding possible transfer of credit hours into our program.

Military Friendly:

Our Certification Program and Certificate of Excellence Programs are approved for Veteran Educational Benefits.

CEU Courses

Body Wisdom graduates enjoy on-going support in pursuit of their career. We offer a most comprehensive selection of continuing education use courses, all of which teach in-depth techniques to be incorporated with other bodywork or practiced as stand-alone modalities.

Certificate of Excellence Programs & Reflexology Certification

Also designed for professionals who want to master their craft or excel further in a specific career track, Body Wisdom offers customized excellence certification programs, as well as a professional Reflexology Certification.