Deann K.

Iowa native, Deann started her career as a single raising mother with two toddlers pursuing a degree in computers and networking, followed by 17 years of working with x-ray equipment in hospital settings.

Once her children were grown, Deann opted to follow her dreams, however, after a complicated wrist injury with 6 subsequent surgeries massage therapy didn’t seem possible anymore, so she ventured into auctioneering instead. Nevertheless, one good morning, with her remaining career in mind, Deann wanted to give massage a try after all. Only a short nine months later she graduated with high marks from Body Wisdom School and immediately found herself in successful practice, while also getting involved with some of the school’s administration.

Since, Deann has furthered her massage education, knowledge and practice with much study, more courses, and a lot of hands-on experience, not only in multiple style settings, but also with varying clientele. Due to Corona some of her more adventurous venues, like track & field sports and other events, gave way to more expanding her massage businesses closer to home.

Deann’s excellent professional business skills blend well with her massage therapy approach, and she is passionate to pass on her skills to peers and newcomers in the profession.

Honesty being Deann’s highest value, she likes to monitor her expressions by these three gates: “Speak only if it’s kind, true, and necessary”.

Deann still enjoys occasional auctioneering. She likes hosting patio parties in the summer, visiting car shows, or taking Harley bike trips with her husband. She loves family time; plays the piano or paints when she feels creative.

Instructor: Therapeutic Massage Series, Business, Ease the Load: Shoulders, Embracing Life: Arms, Wrists, Hands


  • AA Computers & Networking
  • Medical Equipment Field Engineer
  • Auctioneer & Branch Management
  • Business Owner
  • Massage Therapist since 2018

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