Shelby M.

Raised on a farm with hard-working Amish traditions, and passed down herbal remedy practices, Shelby Miller grew up in the countryside next door to one of Iowa’s largest and Italian influenced wineries not far from Des Moines.

Shelby is a passionate caregiver: “Nothing can turn me away from someone in need” she says, backed up by her seven early career years as CNA in assisted living, nursing home, and hospice care. Inspired by her family’s natural approach to wellness she earned her Massage Certification at Body Wisdom. After a short period of employment Shelby decided to open her own business, also contracting for chiropractic, cross-fit, corporate, nursing, and educational facilities, including on-site chair massage.

She loves advancing her massage knowledge and creatively blends techniques to cater to each of her client’s needs. As hands-on and practical as she is, she also states that: “Massage is not just physical, it is also mental and spiritual. A perfect massage combines all three, helping the body as well as the mind and soul to relax, replenish and heal”. Shelby likes to be open to all things and help anyone to the best of her abilities.

Shelby loves to learn and grow. Privately she enjoys meditation, crocheting, and quality time with her spouse, family, and of course her cats.

Instructor: Clinical Hydrotherapy & Massage, European Spa Specialties


  • CNA
  • Medical Terminology
  • Proprietary Instructor Training
  • Elderly Care
  • Business Owner
  • Massage Therapist since 2016

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