Why Body Wisdom CEU Programs are Different!

You will notice that we don’t specialize in short CEU courses just to satisfy the requirements of State CEU requirements. We do this for one very simple reason: it’s because very little can be learned from a course of this length. You can at best scratch the surface and hopefully pick up a technique or two for your practice. At Body Wisdom we don’t do appetizer versions. It is our belief that anything worth studying is worth studying well, understanding not only the principles and the general approach but diving deeply into the many hands-on techniques and applications.

All of our electives are stand-alone courses of study and range from 25 to 50 hours in length. Each elective course qualifies for Iowa CEU’s.

Below is a list of all CEU Courses sorted by Body Wisdom’s general Career Tracks.

Spa & Resort Track CEU's:

Medical/Clinical and Orthopedic Sports Massage Track CEU's:

Asian Bodywork Track CEU's:

Specialty Massage Track CEU's:

Reflexology Track CEU's: