Hot Stone Reflexology (25 hours)

Hot Stone Reflexology is the latest addition to Body Wisdom's comprehensive reflexology series including standard Reflexology and Thai Foot Massage. Based on Body Wisdom owner Rhett Hatfield's extensive research in China, Thailand, India, and throughout South East Asia, Body Wisdom's Hot Stone Reflexology course combines techniques that are sure to thrill your reflexology clients. Deeply healing reflexology techniques combined with the unique and exciting hand techniques of Asia offer unparalleled healing benefits and set your practice apart from the rest.

Highlights of the training include:

  • Ceremonial Foot Bath Sequence
  • Introduction to Body Wisdom's custom Hot Stone Reflexology set
  • Principles of heat and how it activates the reflex points Complete reflexology sequence for feet and lower leg Relaxing hand, arm, neck and shoulder massage Self Care Treatments Care of your Lava stones and sanitation of your equipment.

Prerequisites: None