Katelyn Kennebeck.

Body Wisdom Graduate, Katelyn Kennebeck, holds a Liberal Arts Degree and has worked for a decade in key positions in Des Moines’ service industry before following her calling for wellness and becoming a licensed massage therapist.

Katelyn developed an interest for calming therapies since childhood, which included breathwork, stretching, meditation, and bodywork. She developed the skills to easily tune into the needs and likes of others, for which the 1-on-1 setting in massage therapy is ideally suited. She is passionate to help students and clients to better understand ways and modalities that manage and control our nervous & muscular systems.

Katelyn continuously expands her knowledge and understanding of the human body and condition to share her passion and facilitate that process for others as well.

Both of her parents served in the military and had a structured background, which instilled values of discipline, hard work, and team ethics in Katelyn. She was also strongly influenced by her free-spirited grandparents, who exposed her to travel, adventure, performing arts, and times of play, fun, and laughter. As adult, Katelyn learned a balanced approach of integrating all of these values into her personal life style; and it shows in her kind and nurturing personality.

While she has always been able to recognize and enjoy what others have to offer, her students and clients appreciate Katelyn’s gentle yet strong spirit and her fine character.

Katelyn likes “when art imitates life versus when life imitates art” and enjoys creative projects.

In her free time, she loves spending time with her partner, their dogs, or nurturing plants, and working with stones and other natural materials.


  • Associates Degree in Liberal Arts
  • Operations Manager Service Industries
  • Artist
  • 900-Hour Massage Certification

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