Philosophy & Mission

The Body Wisdom Massage Therapy School is founded on the philosophy: Touch is the key to getting back in touch - not only with ourselves, but with all of life! Aware and purposeful touch aids in restoring wholeness. It helps transcend unhealthy up’s and down’s into consistent inner richness and satisfaction. From here emanates true wellness and our real contribution to the world: Living our full potential and purpose.


It is our mission to provide newcomers and established professionals in the massage and bodywork field with in-depth and state-of-the art training. We teach a very broad spectrum of modalities and techniques to assure therapists can excel in their passion, become true experts in their respective careers, and serve clients the best possible ways.

Program Objectives:

Body Wisdom’s program objectives are that graduates and professionals

  • receive/maintain licensure in Iowa and other states
  • achieve gainful employment or self-employment
  • enjoy longevity in their career
  • benefit from referrals of their satisfied clients
  • become role models for other’s considering the profession

Educational Objectives:

Our educational objectives focus on

  • customized career tracks preparing for competitive markets
  • therapist’s self-care and healthy body mechanics as a foundation for long-term success
  • superior hands-on skills as sought after by growing awareness of the public
  • excellent ethics, communication & professionalism for best results and safety
  • advancing professional expertise for new-comers and established professionals alike

What Makes us Different:

Body Wisdom Massage Therapy School invites anyone to consider the massage profession as a fulfilling career option part-time or full-time. We train our students to be the best answer to the ever-growing demand for qualified therapists. We value our students as our greatest asset. We want our graduates and CE-professionals to benefit personally, professionally and financially, as they raise industry standards while thriving in their career.

The Body Wisdom Difference

  • Custom tailored programs
  • Solid foundation training
  • Specialty custom career track options
  • Large variety of elective choices
  • Continuing and advanced education
  • Top-notch quality of education
  • Expert instructors
  • Hands-on & immersion learning
  • Positive learning environment
  • Pick your own timing, pace and course hour schedule
  • Finance options
  • Individualized attention
  • Opportunity for personal growth
  • Pro-style student clinic
  • Exam and licensure preparation
  • Exceptional business & marketing training
  • Legal matters & ethics
  • Job placement and business support
  • We take pride in YOUR success