Student Massage Clinic

The Body Wisdom Clinic and Spa provides a comfortable, professional atmosphere with five private clinic rooms staffed by highly trained, courteous, student practitioners. Our students go though a very intensive 750-1500 training program in a variety of 50-100 hour modalities.

Every student practitioner is trained to do a complete Therapeutic Massage including many options for deeper pressure and special positioning. Depending on the Career Track they have chosen students are also trained to perform a variety of other techniques.

The techniques offered in the Body Wisdom Clinic are as follows:

NOTE: Other massage modalities may be available at certain times. "Therapeutic Massage" is available everyday. All other techniques are based on availability of a trained student practitioner on any particular day.

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 9:30AM - 9PM
Saturdays 10 - 5PM


55 Minutes ... $45
85 Minutes ... $65

Massage Time is based on a 55 minute hour which includes time to get on and off of the table.

Schedule a Session

Scheduling a session with one of our student practitioners is easy. Just call 515-727-5100.