Admission Requirements & Procedures

The following is required to apply for admission at Body Wisdom School:

  • Be 16 years of age or older.
  • Have the emotional maturity and physical capability to practice bodywork.
  • Have a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Provide government issued photo ID.
  • Submit completed & signed application form. For tuition costs and course fees including textbooks, class materials, and required supplies, please refer to the application form.
  • Submit Payment of non-refundable application fee as listed with the application form.
  • NOTE: Let a Student Counselor assist you with this process.

In case the school cannot admit the applicant, it will issue a letter with that information. In case of approval the school will provide the applicant with the following documents:

  • Student Handbook
  • Substance Abuse Policy
  • Sexual Abuse Policy
  • Billing
  • Course Schedule
  • Financial documents if applicable
  • Prepared Enrollment Agreement Form, signed by the school official, plus the items marked on that form.

Upon signing of all applicable documents the student is officially considered enrolled.

Graduation Requirements

Satisfactory completion of the 900-Hour Massage Therapy Certification Program, consisting of the 540-Hour Core Curriculum and 360-Hour Career Track Electives, is required to graduate from Body Wisdom.

This includes the following (for more details please refer to the student handbook):

  • Be in good standing with the school
  • Passing of all courses
  • Completion of required make-up work as applicable
  • Satisfactory record of overall course attendance
  • Completion of mandatory Student Clinic hours
  • Payment of all tuitions, fees and costs in full
  • Legal photo ID in case of name change

Professional Licensure

a) State of Iowa Requirements

License to practice in Iowa — Individuals who wish to practice massage and bodywork in the state of Iowa must obtain a license through the Iowa Department of Public Health — Iowa Board of Examiners for Massage Therapy — fees and necessary documentation to obtain a license can be found at: Business License in Iowa — Individuals who plan to have a massage business in the state of Iowa must be aware that some cities require a business license. This license does not refer to practicing of massage itself, but to legally doing business in that particular city. A business license may be required in addition to the professional massage license. Information and applications are generally available through the city ordinance and/or website.

b) Requirements for other States

Massage Therapy licensing is state regulated. Most states publish all required information and regulations on their website. Additionally, students who wish to be licensed in other US States can refer to the ABMP website to find requirements for that state.

Before practicing massage in a state it is necessary to determine and abide by Professional Licensing laws with the state or local community. Many communities also require Business Licensing in order to operate a massage business.