Body Wisdom School Faculty

Anne Boal

Anne is best described as a most powerful combination of ‘solid rock’ and ‘nurturing mother’. With her 30 plus years of professional, and a heaping more of personal life experience, Anne brings structure, dens knowledge, wisdom and yet a light heart to all she does.

With her Masters in Music Performance and Music Education, Anne looks back on a successful teaching career in private and public school music education, as well as her own performance career.

Being active and lively, and a curious student herself, Anne enjoys reading, playing both organ and piano, studying healing arts, and continuing to work. In fact, Anne says that she has finally found her real niche and calling by adding Health Coaching and especially Massage Therapy to her tool box.

Anne’s love for people blossoms in collaborations with other musicians or massage experts, as well as in her relationship with clients, and of course in connection with students at Body Wisdom. It’s evident that Anne is empathetic and enjoys helping others.

With a passion for creativity it is not surprising that one of Anne’s special talents is blending bodywork and sound. She ignites magic when she orchestrates a session with harmonies of spa modalities, medical massage, singing bowls, flute, aromatherapy and heartfelt care. Truly addictive!

Blessed with three grown children, three grand kids and a loving husband, Anne’s contentment and happiness reflect in her smiles and positive attitude.

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