The staff is awesome! They seemed just as eager as I was to start learning. When I started my journey to become a massage therapist I knew absolutely nothing. Body Wisdom far exceeded my expectations. I left with so much knowledge and skills, not to mention the amount of new friendships made. I’d recommend this school to anyone.

Amy Stevens, Des Moines, April 14, 2019

Good evening, G.

I want to say thank you for a wonderful experience Monday in Crazy Good Neck Work; and while the content wasn't what I expected, the experience was beyond my expectations in many ways.

The Body Wisdom facility was fantastic to support learning with a beautiful class room and natural light.

Rae, the instructor, was phenomenal to promote our learning as she encouraged questions and took the time to ensure we understand the content.

Ali, the director, stopped in during our class to greet everyone and encouraged communication between herself and the students.

The structure of the class to focus on experience through hands-on work and receiving was a priceless opportunity; it not only let us practice technique, but also reminded us what massage felt like through a client's perspective.

As a class, we also noticed your presence during a demonstration; we were impressed that you took time to observe and further understand one of the classes Body Wisdom offers.

The course that day was what I needed professionally and personally as it fed my spirit, encouraged my growth as an individual, and empowered me to be a better practitioner.

Body Wisdom resonated a quality learning experience, and this was consistent through every interaction before and during class. The certificate of completion was also beautifully presented and perfectly wrapped up the sublime experience of that day.

I appreciated the opportunity to experience Body Wisdom again, as it had been twelve years since I graduated, and I look forward to the next opportunity to return for continuing education.


Rachel Freeseman, Des Moines, February 20, 2019

I always love coming back to Body Wisdom for Continuing Education. They keep adding more courses to keep it fresh and exciting.

Sherry Ross, Newton, February 18, 2019

I loved my schooling here and this – 11 years later: it’s just as good.

Teri Riley, Des Moines, February 18, 2019

I like taking CEU’s here & referred my husband to come here for education.

Katelyn Dorland, Iowa, February 18, 2019

I enjoyed the class today and the instructor was fabulous.

Amber Schubert, Iowa, February 18, 2019

Loved the class and am wanting to take Crazy Good Neckwork Version II soon.

Abbey Rhoads, Iowa, February 18, 2019

I have attended courses over the last decade and a half, and am as happy with the school now as when I first started.

James Kozuki, Earlam, Iowa, February 18, 2019

It feels so nice to finally find my purpose.

Paige Fisher, Iowa, February 15, 2019

At Body Wisdom, the instructors took a piece of their heart and hands and gave them to me. Because of that I’ve become a great massage therapist. I’ve learned to give touch as a service with significance, using massage therapy to give back to the world. Body Wisdom has helped me learn that I want excellence t be my brand.

Thank you Body Wisdom – I am grateful to you!

Deann F. Kluss, Iowa, January 2019

I found my home here. The classrooms become a safe space where you learn about massage, and about yourself. Honestly it’s hard to put my experience into words. It’s like finding a new favorite hoodie and never taking it off; or how do you know if the pear is sweet? Just taste it. Simply just experience Body Wisdom, and you will know what I mean.

Trevor Grefe, Des Moines, January 2019

Body Wisdom is the “Harvard” of Massage Schools in the Des Moines area. The school consistently has the best-trained massage therapists graduate. Once I see that the therapists applying went to Body Wisdom, they automatically are on the top of my list. The ownership & staff are top-notch, and the fact that they truly care about their students – not just their school/career, but their whole selves and their happiness – is what I think makes them stand out above the rest.

Trish McFadden, Regional Developer Massage Heights Midwest and Owner of Ingersoll DSM Location, September 2018

So far this school has been an awesome experience. This has only been my first class but I love it. Staff & fellow students are so helpful & wonderful.

Leslie Brownfield, Massage Student, August 2018

Body Wisdom School of Massage: Very experienced and professional instructors with focused specialties. I have multiple degrees (seriously) though several universities. The level of experience and professionalism is outstanding!

Kathy Byars, LMT - September 2018

Body Wisdom sets the bar higher. Being a Body Wisdom Graduate is comparable with having an ivy league school versus standard schools. The instructors are awesome. Ali and G are wonderful people who work with you. If you are interested to be a massage therapist - this is the place!

I passed the national exam first time and completed my licensure efficiently. I’m proud to have been a graduate of the establishment and encourage anyone seeking a career in massage: Trust in yourself with Body Wisdom!

Ysa Morrigan, LMT - Owner of Utopias Dawn, Private Massage Practice - September 2018

I love Body Wisdom! I had so many reasons that lead me to this amazing school. My family was in need of massage, & I knew I wanted to be a therapist of some kind, and finding massage therapy has been such a blessing from God. I prayed so hard to be in a profession that wasn’t a regular 9-5, but one that would make people relax and come back for more! I knew no one would turn down a massage, and I could fulfill my dreams of traveling with this job.

I can say I go to work every day & love my job.

Gabriella Leanhart, LMT – Aug 2018

It seems clear to us here at Massage Envy in Clive that Body Wisdom goes the extra mile to ensure that a student comes away with a strong education, but just as importantly they concentrate on the therapists’ health, self-care, character, customer service ‘listening’, and teamwork.

I have always made it clear at our clinic that I thrive on a great person that gives a good massage, rather than an ok person that does a great job.

Mike Earp, Owner of Massage Envy, Clive, IA – Aug 2018

I recently took the 8-hrs Crazy Good Neck Work course, and I had been excited about it to begin with, but it was truly wonderful! The instructor was so knowledgeable and had us diving in immediately to get hands on practice for each new technique we learned- and there were many! I love that she taught the techniques in a method that made it easy to incorporate any or all of them. I have been using these new techniques on my clients for the past month or so, and I am getting the most incredible feedback! One client stated that no one had ever worked on her neck that way before, and she felt amazing!! Since that course I am not only able to help my clients so much more, but they are that much more appreciative and loyal to me as their provider- a win-win! Crazy Good Neck Work is worth every penny and then some!!

Kaara Mernka, LMT - Oct. 2017

My father was a massage therapist and I grew up knowing the endless benefits of healing touch. I knew the moment I sat in on a class that Body Wisdom was where I wanted to develop my healing hands and heart. From the variety of courses offered, the kind and wise direction provided and family atmosphere Body Wisdom is the place to go if you truly want to help others heal.

While I am not a full time therapist at this time I use the techniques I learned on a daily basis with myself, family and friends. You are taught how to use different techniques to get to the same goal, providing comfort and healing. It's always exciting to be able to assure someone nervous about getting bodywork that they don't have to get undressed to get bodywork. I love that I have been taught/shown so many different techniques and modalities in my healing toolbox.

I always recommend Body Wisdom to others interested in practicing massage or even getting one. The student clinic is awesome!

Thank you and I can't wait to come back for more classes.

S. Laila Jepson, LMT - Oct. 2017

Attending Body Wisdom was a life changing event. I can’t imagine that any other massage school could be so supportive of their students. The teachers are professionals, carefully chosen, to teach each specific class, instead of one person teaching every modality, like I have seen at other schools. Each teacher is also a mentor, sharing their vast knowledge of not only the course subject, but also their experience as a massage therapist in general. I quickly viewed Body Wisdom as a second home and created strong bonds with my classmates, who became like family. I know I can always return to Body Wisdom for even more amazing and new skills to add to my business. Choosing Body Wisdom for my massage education was the single most important decision of my life. I will never regret it.

Sherry Ross - 2017

Body Wisdom was a blessing in disguise for me. My journey into this career that drives my life began with a simple idea of wanting to be in a profession that helps those in need; and an injury I received prior to enrolling. I didn't want to go to an average school that pumps their students out in 3 months. I wanted, no, needed something authentic and true to the trade, that wasn't worried about pushing people out as soon as they got in. This school is faculty driven, staff driven, and also student driven. The teachers are personal and professional at the same time, and they are driven to help you to succeed in your career path. All in all, my path through the school is the reason I am who I am today. It has changed me and shaped me into someone I never thought I would be. And that is a good thing. Words will never bring justice to the thanks I have for my Body Wisdom family.

Since I began school my career has slowly been gaining momentum and truly gained full force when Ali and G set me up with my mentor, who I currently work with in Atlanta, Georgia. Like I said before, Body Wisdom isn't concerned with pushing you out, they are concerned with getting you where you need to be, and that's the most important thing of all.

This career has truly changed my life and opened my mind to new things and new people. I help/fix people for a living, seriously - what could be better than that?! Massage, specifically Sports Massage, is my passion, it's the driving force in my life. It has taught me how to love, to live, to fight, and to look ahead to better days.

In a career that requires proper etiquette, a caring nature, and a persistent and puzzle solving mind set, there's no place I would have rather gone to than Body Wisdom. Without it, I really don't know where I would be in life, but certainly not as happy as I am today in my career.

Parker T. Ferguson - 2017

I graduated from Body Wisdom Massage Therapy School in 2015. It was a major life change for me, coming from 25 years in the medical field, going into massage therapy. Body Wisdom prepared me for being a professional licensed massage therapist. In class I was able to share my concerns and felt that the instructors, G, Rhett and Ali, listened to me, and helped guide me. I met several other people that were in the same shoes as me, such as instructors Ann Wallace, Diana Berry, Diane Baker, James Kozuki, Cassie Sampson, and several students, that were coming from a corporate or traditional medical field into the massage field. It was a life changing experience! I have never looked back and now have a massage therapy practice that has been full since I started! I am able to have a stable income doing something I love, and to serve others. I also learned that businesses seek out Body Wisdom graduates for hire, due to the quality of their education.

Sherry Luedtke R.N., LMT - 2017

The first time I walked into Body Wisdom I knew this was where I wanted to be. Since my mom got sick and the only thing that was helping her was massage, I knew deep in my heart I wanted to become a massage therapist Never in my dreams did I ever think I would find an amazing/unique school like Body Wisdom Massage Therapy School. Our school, and I will always call myself a student, even after 6 years of owning my own practice, makes you feel like a family; and a bond with other students carries on for years, even after graduating. I take all my CE classes at Body Wisdom, and every time class is starting, I am like a kid back in high school, full of excitement. Massage Therapy is what saved my mom’s life, as she would say, and I wanted to do the same to help others help themselves. Body Wisdom did that for me. I have worked with hospice massage 4 out of the 6 years of my practice, and taking the Geriatric Massage class made me realize the need to help the elderly. I have a class next month, and I am very excited to be a student again. There just is no other comparison to Body Wisdom for your education. When I get a massage I can tell if it’s a Body Wisdom graduate or someone from another school. We are just unique, and Rhett & Ali are always, and I mean always, there when you call them on their phones, and not all schools would have that availability. They are always there for their students. I love when Rhett coms home from another country and will show us on the computer how he studied new modalities in those countries and then teach us. That is rare! You are not just taught a sequence; you are taught modalities, even from another country, and you will never find that anywhere else. Thank you Body Wisdom/Rhett and Ali for providing us a family oriented unique school. Forever love Body Wisdom!

Maria Dukes - 2017

A lot of people, when they think of getting CEU’s to renew their license, try to think of the cheapest class with the most CEU’s, and don’t really care about what it is - unfortunately, and it is hard to find classes that you actually want to learn for reasonable prices. But Ali has made it possible at Body Wisdom to have access to learning a variety of modalities that are unique, fun, affordable, and offer board certified CEU’s. The instructors are skilled and knowledgable and make the classes fun and easy to learn. Body Wisdom makes you want to continue learning, even if you don’t need more CEU’s to renew your license. I am grateful to have met Ali and had the opportunity to learn in one of her classes. The hard work and love that goes into everything that’s been created and offered is incredible, and you can feel and see it when you experience the classes. I can’t wait until I am able to take another class, and it’s hard to pick just one, because they offer so much, and it’s all incredible!

Samantha Scott - 2017
Body Wisdom:

B - Because massage and touch are key to mind body and soul at Body Wisdom.
O - Opportunity abounds both educationally and professionally at Body Wisdom.
D - Diversity in courses and curriculum are what you’ll find at Body Wisdom.
Y - You get one-on-one attention as well as collaborative experiences at Body Wisdom.
W - Wonder-work will be the product of all the things you’ll learn at Body Wisdom.
I - Insatiable hunger for bodywork knowledge is what you’ll have at Body Wisdom.
S - Soulful are the students, instructors, and administrators at Body Wisdom.
D - Diversity in your craft is what you’ll learn at Body Wisdom.
O - On-going education is a cornerstone at Body Wisdom.
M - Mountaintop is where you’ll stand after graduating from Body Wisdom.
Bob Skidmore - 2017

I love Body Wisdom School - every class I have taken, all of the teachers, all the people that work behind the scenes to make everything work smoothly!! This place is not only a fantastic learning environment, but everyone makes you feel very welcomed and safe! This is the ONLY place I look to for my continuing education!! I know when I’m there, I will be learning in-depth structure and have something to add to my tool belt of modalities! I am always looking for new ways to grow!!

Kaci Page Topp - 2017

Body Wisdom to me was a life changer. It made me happy and proud to go down this path of my life. Even after all these years, I think 10 plus, I am still proud to tell people how great Body Wisdom is. I have given my number out to potential students, and I have explained why they need to go there. I love when people ask me about the school/program. So thankful where life has taken me, and for what I have learned at Body Wisdom.

Mary Wagner DeStefano - 2017

I never intended to go to massage school when I laid out my career plan fifteen years ago; massage wasn’t even on the radar. However, circumstances change in life, and when I decided to make a change, I wanted to get the best training and education I could. I was not disappointed by Body Wisdom’s program and approach. There is definitely something for every temperament and personality in the curriculum; and all the teachers do their very best to approach their area of expertise from many angles, to present information to all types of students. I think I was very well received at Body Wisdom, and I really can’t say enough good things about the program and faculty there. Thank, Body Wisdom!

Jillian Mahl - 2017