Reflexology Certification

Reflexology is a technique that is applied to the hands, feet, and/or ears of the client. It stimulates so called reflex points that correlate with every part of the body. This may be internal organs as well as the head or back, etc. It further addresses all body systems, s. a. muscular skeletal, circulatory, nervous or the digestive system.

Imagining a body image projected onto a hand, foot or ear, roughly describes the location of reflex points in relation to the body and its functions. For example fingertips and toes would cater to parts of the head, quite useful in case of headaches or sinus infections and the likes.

Thanks to the body’s reflex connections this modality is also very helpful in ‘reaching’ internal organs so to speak. It is further stimulating the function of whole body systems, some of which are not as easily reached with other bodywork techniques, like glands and their hormone function.

Reflexology can be practiced as a stand-alone profession, but also serve as a great extension for any medical and bodywork career. Today’s market has a high demand for this modality, as it proves beneficial for any setting, every population, and any age and stage of life.

Body Wisdom School offers customized training for Reflexology, tailoring exactly to the intent of the professional.

Courses for a Reflexology Certification

(Note: previous training may be transferred in):

Additional Electives, for example:

Licensed massage therapists may refer to our complete list of elective courses for additional choices.

A Body Wisdom advisor will gladly assist with the right selection of courses, timing, scheduling and costs. For details contact: ‘G’ Kelley * 515-727-4890 *