Body Wisdom School Faculty

Dr. Joe O'Tool

Listing Joe’s academic studies, degrees, certifications, awards, distinctions, work experience, community services, etc. would take a few long pages alone, which makes it hard to summarize his many talents, interests and abilities, and still painting a whole picture as to who he is.

First and foremost Joe is a loving husband and father of three adorable children. Growing up with seven brothers and one sister Joe values education, knowledge, compassion, genuine concern, responsibility and contribution.

He broadened his horizon in early work and study experiences, such as machine technology, agricultural research, assistance for disabled people, sports coaching, warehouse and shipping, building contracting, management, business, leadership, mentorship, preaching, speaking and teaching. He even taught ESL for a year in Chengdu, China, learning Chinese in turn.

Amateur tri-athlete, football-, basketball player, cross-fitter, self-d