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Dr. Sam O'Tool

Sam grew up just outside the small community of Carroll, Iowa. Being a middle child in a family of 9 children, he was a natural competitor and very active in a any type of sport he could find. Through high school he participated in basketball, football, and weight lifting, and continued playing basketball into college. Two major sports injuries, that required complete reconstructive knee surgery, not only magnified his already strong interest in the human body and how it functions, but also instilled a compassion for others and the desire to help their performance.

While pursuing his doctorate at Palmer College of Chiropractic, Sam worked as intern in the Palmer Rehabilitation Department and was also accepted to the Palmer Preceptorship Program, where he acted under the direct guidance of an Olympic sports chiropractor. Sam also served as president and founding member of SACA Sports Council and within Palmer Campus Guides and Palmer Student Alumni Foundation.

Sam is further expanding his expertise with the post-doctorate Neurology Program through Carrick Institute of Clinical Neurology, providing him with in-depth knowledge about the role the nervous systems plays within overall health, physical function and performance. He is co-owner of the Lifestream Clinics, that focus on bringing a holistic wellness approach to their patients.

Positive, competent and passionate, Sam is a great Kinesiology instructor and excellent leader, who loves to raise students, patients, and anyone else he meets, to their highest level of performance; professionally, personally and physically.

Aware of his own well-being, he also remains active through a variety of workouts, playing basketball - and still any other sport, if he finds someone willing to challenge his competitive streak.

When not working with patients or students, Sam loves spending time with his wife and little girl, and of course his extended family.

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