Acupressure (48 hours)

Acupressure is based on Taoist Philosophy and traditional Chinese medicine, combined with insights into body-mind unity, taken from Western psychology. This bodywork modality is based on releasing blockages in the 12 meridians of acupressure with specific emphasis on “point holding work.”

Amongst the benefits are pain release and management, balancing the person as a whole, releasing tension and restoring the body’s self healing properties, and many more. While the practitioner applies pressure, focus and intent to correlating points along the meridian lines, the client can quickly relax and ease into a deeply nurturing state. The feeling can best be described as one of safety and being held, which allows the receiver to let go of physical and emotional tension at a very deep level.

The emphasis in this course is on understanding the acupressure system and philosophy in order to utilize point sequences for specific purposes that best address the client’s needs.

Therefore this course does not present a full-body style sequence to follow; instead you will learn to combine the use of acupressure points in literally unlimited ways — and customize each session to the desired outcome for your client.

Thanks to the gentleness and versatility of Acupressure, it can literally be utilized in any setting. Furthermore it is not only helpful with general clientele, but also extremely useful for acute issues, such as pain; and especially beneficial with physically challenged clients, like cancer, and even hospice patients, who can otherwise not receive any bodywork.

In this course, you will learn the precise locations for acupressure points and the best angles from which to approach each one. You will enjoy an introduction to the 12 meridians of Chi energy; learn basic “listening” and “processing” skills, as well as acupressure facial-cranial work. You will leave the course with kind of a recipe book for acupressure procedures that cater to specific parts of the body or to given conditions.

Prerequisites: None