Fusion 16 (16 hours)

The Fusion 16 Hour Course will make your treatments easier with “Smart Layering” of your treatment modalities. This amazing and advanced course answers the question ‘which massage technique is best to use, and in which order?’.

By using The RPM, Non Force Three, Rebalancing, Positional Release and Myofascial Therapy, you will be able to get astounding results in your sessions with your clients. Easy on your hands and body, and highly effective treatments for your clients. What could be better?

Instead of diving in and delivering the deep pressure that many of your clients think they need, instead reach down into your magical toolbox and use the Non Force Three: RPM. Then work on what’s left (if there is anything left) with deep tissue strokes and trigger point therapy.

In this packed 16 Hour course you will learn to:

  • Unwrap and unwind the outer layers of tissue making way for deeper work when necessary
  • Break up resistant holding patterns with ease and grace
  • Bring Art, Style, Beauty and Joy back into your massage treatments
  • Work smart not hard. Your clients will thank you!

Magical thinking may not work on it’s own, but magical bodywork that saves your hands and delivers amazing results does! It’s a win-win! Easy on your body — effective for your client.

Prerequisites: Therapeutic Massage Levels 1 – 3, Anatomy: Bones & Muscles – or Equivalent