Reiki Intensive (16 hours)

Reiki literally means ‘Universal Life Energy’ and names a specific type of energy therapy. Reiki practitioners intentionally direct healing power of pure life energy through their hands utilizing unique symbols, hand positions, and movements.

In a way, Reiki is a “Best of Collection” of Ancient Eastern Energy Techniques strategically organized into a streamlined approach that was practiced since the 1800’s in Japan, where it quickly gained popularity. In the 1940’s it swept over to Hawaii and later the US, before it finally became well known in Europe in the 1980’s. Today, it is a much sought after treatment by clients anywhere.

Due to the subtlety of energy, most research conducted on Reiki is done in form of studies, where clients have reported a long list of benefits. The technique is practiced professionally in multiple settings anywhere, even in hospitals.

Body Wisdom’s 16-Hour Reiki Intensive is comprised of a compact set of classic Reiki techniques with a multitude of practical applications. Of course you also learn about its history, purpose, and background.

A stand-alone modality, Reiki however, combines well with any health and wellness modality. Further, it can be used in tandem with tools such as massage stones, crystals, essential oils, light, sound instruments, and any other vibration therapies.

Reiki practitioners might address targeted physical conditions, including pain management, as well as emotional and mental health, relaxation of tension and stress or overall wellness concerns.

Reiki can be used anywhere, any time, for any duration, and in any setting, including distance healing, self-care, pet and animal treatments, end of life care, etc. It does not require disrobing or direct touch, which gives it truly unlimited potential.

Course Objectives:

  • Comprehending history & definition of Reiki
  • Knowledge of practice within any professional setting, including medical and hospice care
  • Recognizing chakra & meridian concepts as systems that structure definitions of energy flow
  • Memorizing and utilizing Reiki symbols
  • Practicing hand positions & specific techniques
  • Performing self and distance Reiki
  • Incorporating Reiki into the massage practice

Prerequisites: None