Geriatric (Elderly) Massage (24 hours)

This 24-hour course in geriatric massage offers a holistic perspective to working with elderly clients. This approach treats the whole person, not just their ailments. Students can expect to become trained in specific modalities and techniques shown to be effective with elderly clients. Through experiential exercises, lecture, hands-on bodywork and interaction with elderly clients, students will become comfortable working in this rapidly growing area of massage. The information and connections made will assist students to deepen their compassion, self-knowledge and ability to effectively work with an aging population.

Course Highlights:

  • Anatomy of aging and common illnesses 
  • Physiology and function of the aging body and related diagnoses
  • Contraindications and case study examples 
  • Massage for a variety of conditions in the elderly including: Arthritis, diabetes, Parkinson’s, joint replacement 
  • Practical application with elderly clientele 
  • Considerations in hospitals, retirement centers, nursing homes and hospice
  • Interactions with medical professionals 
  • Geriatric business and marketing techniques 

Practical Application:

During a field trip to an in a practice setting, such as a retirement home, students will perform massage techniques and learn for example, how to work with sometimes thin and delicate skin. Using personal communication and interaction skills in a clinical setting will allow students to become comfortable with elderly clients and develop the ability to connect holistically. Tours of a senior wellness facility and hospice may expand the scope and compassion level involved in end of life situations. Students will also be asked to interact with an elderly relative, neighbor or friend in new ways.

Interactive Education:

Knowledge is imparted in a variety of ways through experiential exercises, class discussion and lecture as well as large and small group interaction. Contraindications, medications, and case studies will assist students to become aware of the unique aspects of geriatric care. The knowledge, exercises and discussions will aid students to gain confidence, understanding and compassion along with the effective techniques that are taught.

Prerequisites: Therapeutic Massage Level 1 – Generally previous massage training can be helpful but is optional