Hot Stone LomiLomi - Hawaiian Hot Stone Massage (24 hours)

Authentic Hawaiian massage, called LomiLomi, together with hot stones, as often used with this old tradition, only make up the practical tools you get to study with this course. Much deeper than technique, run the effects of the ‘Aloha Spirit’ infusing every touch, stroke and motion with the actual secret of this powerful healing modality.

Developed by the physicians or healers of ancient Polynesia, yet practiced by all, from child to chief, LomiLomi is an approach to health, resounding the simple purpose of life’s celebration (of itself). Hawaii lures people from all over the world, enticed to experience rejuvenation, revitalization, ease, love, joy and celebration. Hawaiian culture is recognized to restore a person’s equilibrium; and this is exactly what Hot Stone LomiLomi is designed to provide. With flow at the core, you will learn to use and emulate organic elements and references to ocean, rain, temperature, rock, lava, fire, stone, wood, herbs, breath, verbal expression, as well as the fluidity of life’s natural cycles.

Like ‘Hula’ the dance of LomiLomi unites skill, mindset, tools, respect, intention, giver and receiver, inciting well-being that leaves stress, tension and worries behind. Deceptively simple, even the unique body mechanics and performance of LomiLomi aid both client and therapist alike.

This course is not to be confused with common practices labeled ‘Hawaiian or LomiLomi”, as it truly honors authentic ancient traditions.

Prerequisites: Therapeutic Massage Level 1 or Equivalent